Pindad SPR

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Pindad SPR
Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin  Indonesia
Service history
Used by TNI, POLRI
Production history
Manufacturer Pindad
Variants SPR-1,
Cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO (SPR-1) and (SPR-3)
.50 BMG (SPR-2)
Action Bolt-action
Effective firing range 600 m [1]
Maximum firing range 2000 m [2]
Feed system

Single shot (SPR-1)

5 round detachable box magazine (SPR-2), 10 round detachable box magazine (SPR-3)[3]
Sights optical

The Pindad SPR (abbreviation from Indonesian : Senapan Penembak Runduk, Sniper Rifle) is a sniper rifle produced by PT. Pindad, Indonesia. This gun allows the shooter to adjust the height of the position and stability by regulating the bipod of the rifle located on the bottom front of the handguard. The SPR is available in three variants. The SPR-1 and SPR-3 are chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge while the SPR-2 is chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge.[4]


This rifle was created to answer the needs of the Indonesian military who would use a sniper rifle with a higher capacity and a more affordable price.[5] than other sniper rifles like the Serbian Zastava M93 Black Arrow by Zastava Arms.



The SPR-1 is a single-shot sniper rifle chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. The rifle has a thumbhole stock made from laminated wood and a Harris bipod adjustable for height is provided. [6]


The SPR-2 is a .50 BMG Anti-materiel rifle which is fed from a 5 round box magazine. It is able to penetrate up to 2 centimeters of steel at 500 meters. It has a number of features from the Zastava M93 Black Arrow and the NTW-20


The SPR-3 is a magazine-fed variant of the SPR-1 sniper rifle. It has an effective range of 700 meters.


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