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For the mineral (uranium ore), see pitchblende. For other meanings see Pitchblende (disambiguation)
Origin Reading, Berkshire
Genres Alternative Rock
Years active 2000 - 2009
Labels Sugar Shack Records
Associated acts Last Rescue Party
Website http://www.pitchblend.com
Members Rich Savage (Vocals, Guitar)
Alex Wilson (Guitar)
Mark Peacock (Bass)
Andy Lambert (drums)

Pitchblend was an alternative rock band from Reading, Berkshire, England. The band was formed in 2000 and consists of Rich Savage, Alex Wilson, Mark Peacock and Andy Lambert. Their first album called The Lines Of Unreason was released in 2008. David McLaughlin of Drowned in Sound wrote of the album: "Minor quibbles aside, it’s as ambitious and strident an opening salvo as a British-rock debut has dared offer for quite some time."[1] Allmusic's Stewart Mason said, "In lesser hands, fist in the air anthems like 'Design Our Own Escape' would sound almost laughable, but Pitchblend's earnestness and full-on commitment to their chosen sound helps put The Lines of Unreason over."[2]

At the end of August, Picthblend relesased the following message on their website:

"...or we're breaking up. Well, fortunately its the latter. Our upcoming shows in September will be our last as Pitchblend, so do come and say hello. We were about to record release a brand new record, but decided that we found ourselves in a creative cul-de-sac, and instead of doing a musical three point turn, we've just going to abandon the car and get in a brand new one... So, it's with an optimistic, excited heart that we can say that this is absolutely not the end. We're already working on brand new songs that are exciting us; and anyone who ever liked Pitchblend are going to love this... Same 4 losers; brand new band."[3]

In November 2009, the remaining members of Pitchblend announced that they were working on a new project under the name Last Rescue Party.


  • "Words Phrased From Nothing" (EP) (2003)
  • "Revelation" (Single) (2005) - No. 24 UK Rock Charts
  • "Lines of Unreason" (2008)


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