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AUS map with named state corners
Poeppel Corner Marker, South Australia, Northern Territories, Queensland

Poeppel Corner (known as Poeppel's Corner in Queensland) at latitude 26° S and longitude 138° E is a corner of state boundaries in Australia, where the state of Queensland meets South Australia and the Northern Territory. As with the other three corners it is sometimes a destination for four-wheel-drive tourists. Poeppel Corner is about 174km west of Birdsville.

Augustus Poeppel, after whom the point is named, conducted a survey in the mid-1880s to find the exact location of the central Australian state borders.[1] His team used camels to drag a coolibah post to mark the intersection. Originally the point was located in a salt lake, however it was found that the measuring chain used was a few centimetres too long. Another survey was conducted by Lawrence Wells, who relocated the post to its current position.[1]

New Year's Eve occurs three times in Poeppel Corner (also in Cameron Corner and Surveyor Generals Corner), because it's in the corner of three time zones.

Heritage listing[edit]

Poeppel Corner is a heritage-listed site, having been added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 2012.[2]

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Corners in Australia
Name Surveyor Generals Poeppel Haddon Cameron MacCabe
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