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Poligamia is a Colombian rock band founded in Bogotá, Colombia in the early '90s by Andrés Cepeda, Juan Gabriel Turbay, Freddy Camelo, Gustavo Gordillo and César López. All five attended Emilio Valenzuela High School in Bogotá where they started playing together.

Their first album Una Canción was produced and released in 1993 by Sony Music, after the group won a local battle of the bands for a local radio station by composing and singing Bailando sobre tu Piel. The album main hits were: "Desvanecer" composed by Turbay, "Una Canción," "Mi Generación" and "Beverly Hills." The song "Beverly Hills" was made in reference to the TV-series Beverly Hills, 90210, famous in the local television at the time.

Their second album was released in 1995 under the title "Vueltas y Vueltas." The main hits were "Confusión" by Turbay and "Fue Sólo Amor."

The final studio album entitled "Promotal 500mg" was released in 1996. Unfortunately it did not receive great acceptance from the audience partly because it did not have any major hit.

Poligamia decided to break up in 1998 as each member decided to follow different careers in music and production. The farewell concert was programmed as the first in a festival with different rock bands from Bogotá and was recorded as a live album named Buenas Gracias - Muchas Noches that included a live performance of the band's main hits and a new song "Hasta que venga la mañana." The album included a bonus track named "Ciertas Cosas." This song was later re-recorded by Andrés Cepeda in his first solo album Sé Morir.

Sony Music released a greatest hits album in 2001.