Poor Boy Blues

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For the song "Poor Boy Blues" by Poison, see Flesh and Blood (Poison album).
"Poor Boy Blues"
"Poor Boy Long Ways From Home"
Song by Bo Weavil Jackson (1926)
Form Blues
Writer Traditional
Language English
Recorded by Gus Cannon (1927)
Barbecue Bob (1927)
Ramblin' Thomas (1928)
Rochelle French (1935)
Bukka White (1939)
Howlin' Wolf (1957)
Mississippi John Hurt (1966)
Peg Leg Sam (1975)

"Poor Boy Blues" or "Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home" is a traditional blues song of unknown origin. As with most traditional blues songs, there is great variation in the melody and lyrical content as performed by different artists. However, there is often a core verse containing some variation of the line "I'm a poor boy a long way from home." The song is often associated with a slide guitar accompaniment.

The song is often cited as one of the oldest in the blues genre[1][2]

Many artists have recorded versions, including:


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