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Pronunciation Pra-veen
Gender Masculine
Language(s) Sanskrit
Word/name Hindu
Meaning Sun, skilled, intelligent, clever[citation needed]
Region of origin South Part of India
Other names
Alternative spelling Pravin, Prabin, Praween
Variant form(s) Pravin, Prabin, Praween
Nickname(s) Pravi
Related names Pravin, Prabin, Praween prawin

Praveen(also spelled Prabin,Pravin, Praween or ) is a male name of Sanskrit origin. It is a common Nepalese, Indian, Sri Lankan or Thai given name. The actual meaning of name "Prabin" is "knowledge", "skillful", or "proficient".

In Telugu and Kannada, the word "Praveen" refers to specialization in a particular aspect. For example in Telugu: "Sangeetham lo praveenudu" refers to a particular person who is specialized in music.

The name "Praveen" was first used by royal heirs of the Ancient South-Indian Kingdoms who were born during the "Rudhrodhgaari" (57th year) of the 60 year cycle of the Tamil Calendar derived from ancient astronomical data, known as the "Tirukkanda Panchanga" (cf. The Secret Doctrine, 2:49-51).[1]

Notable people[edit]


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