Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series

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This is article is a list of winners and nominees of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Picture-Editing for a Comedy Series. It was created in 2003 alongside Outstanding Picture-Editing for a Drama Series. They replaced the Outstanding Picture-Editing for a Single-Camera Series and Outstanding Picture-Editing for a Multi-Camera Series awards.

Winners and nominees[edit]


Year Series Episode Network Recipient(s)
2003 Malcolm in the Middle "If Boys Were Girls" FOX Mark Scheib
Steve Welch
Curb Your Enthusiasm "Krazee-Eyez Killa" HBO Jon Corn
"The Corpse Sniffing Dog" Steven Rasch
Sex and the City "Anchors Away" Wendey Stanzler
"Luck Be an Old Lady" Michael Berenbaum
2004 Arrested Development "Pilot" FOX Lee Haxall
Curb Your Enthusiasm "Opening Night" HBO Steven Rasch
"The Survivor" Jon Corn
Scrubs "My Screw Up" NBC Jon Michel
Sex and the City "An American Girl in Paris" HBO Michael Berenbaum
Wendey Stanzler
2005 Desperate Housewives "Pilot" ABC Michael Berenbaum
Arrested Development "Good Grief" Fox Richard Candib
"Let 'Em Eat Cake" Steven Sprung
"Motherboy XXX" Robert Bramwell
Desperate Housewives "Pretty Little Picture" ABC Jonathan Posell
2006 My Name Is Earl "Ruined Joy's Wedding" NBC Lance Luckey
Arrested Development "The Ocean Walker" FOX Stuart Bass
Curb Your Enthusiasm "The Ski Lift" HBO Steven Rasch
Desperate Housewives "That's Good, That's Bad" ABC Nancy Morrison
The Office "Booze Cruise" NBC Dean Holland
"Christmas Party" David Rogers
Weeds "Good Shit Lollipop" Showtime David Helfand
2007 The Office "The Job"[1] NBC Dean Holland
David Rogers
My Name Is Earl "Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy" NBC Lance Luckey
"The Trial" William Marrinson
Weeds "Crush Girl Love Panic" Showtime Bill Turro
"Ms. Botwin's Neighborhood" David Helfand
2008 Pushing Daisies "Pie-lette"[2] ABC Stuart Bass
30 Rock "Cooter" NBC Ken Eluto
Curb Your Enthusiasm "The Bat Mitzvah" HBO Steven Rasch
The Office "Goodbye, Toby" NBC Dean Holland
David Rogers
Weeds "A Pool and His Money" Showtime Bill Turro
2009 30 Rock "Apollo, Apollo"[3] NBC Ken Eluto
How I Met Your Mother "The Naked Man" CBS Susan Federman
The Office "Dream Team" NBC Claire Scanlon
"Two Weeks" Stuart Bass
"Stress Relief" Dean Holland
David Rogers


Year Series Episode Network Recipient(s)
2010 Modern Family "Pilot" ABC Ryan Case
30 Rock "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001" NBC Ken Eluto
Curb Your Enthusiasm "The Bare Midriff" HBO Steven Rasch
"The Table Read" Jonathan Corn
Roger Nygard
Modern Family "Family Portrait" ABC Jonathan Schwartz
2011 How I Met Your Mother "Subway Wars"[4] CBS Susan Federman
30 Rock "100" NBC Meg Reticker
The Big Bang Theory "The Agreement Dissection" CBS Peter Chakos
Modern Family "Halloween" ABC Ryan Case
"Slow Down Your Neighbors" Jonathan Schwartz
2012 Curb Your Enthusiasm "Palestinian Chicken"[5] HBO Steven Rasch
30 Rock "The Tuxedo Begins" NBC Ken Eluto
"Leap Day" Meg Reticker
Modern Family "Election Day" ABC Steven Rasch
"Leap Day" Ryan Case
2013[6] The Office "Finale"[7] NBC David Rogers
Claire Scanlon
30 Rock "Hogcock! / Last Lunch" NBC Ken Eluto
Meg Reticker
Arrested Development "Flight of the Phoenix" Netflix Kabir Akhtar
AJ Dickerson
Louie "Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 2" FX Susan E. Morse
Modern Family "Party Crasher" ABC Ryan Case
2014[8] Orange Is the New Black "Tit Punch"[9] Netflix William Turro
Modern Family "Las Vegas" ABC Ryan Case
Orange Is the New Black "Can't Fix Crazy" Netflix Michael S. Stern
Tall Men With Feelings" Shannon Mitchell
Portlandia "Getting Away" IFC Bill Benz
Daniel Gray Longino

Programs by number of wins[edit]

2 wins
1 win

Programs by number of nominations[edit]

9 nominations
8 nominations
7 nominations
6 nominations
4 nominations
3 nominations
2 nominations
1 nomination


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