Purple Haze (film)

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Purple Haze
Directed by David Burton Morris
Produced by Thomas A. Fucci (producer) (as Thomas Anthony Fucci)
Victoria Wozniak (executive producer)
Written by David Burton Morris
Victoria Wozniak
Starring Peter Nelson
Chuck McQuary
Bernard Baldan
Susanna Lack
Bob Breuler
Cinematography Richard Gibb
Edited by Dusty Dennison
Distributed by Purple Haze
Release dates
October, 1982
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Purple Haze is a 1982 dramedy about Matt Caulfield, a college student who is expelled for smoking cannabis, and subsequently drafted to Vietnam in the summer of 1968.

Plot summary[edit]

The film opens in Princeton University, 1968, where Matt Caulfield and his friends are watching television. There, they witness President Lyndon B. Johnson inform us of his plans not to rerun in the upcoming election. Upon hearing of his plans, Matt and the rest of the students celebrate by smoking marijuana. An uncool student from next door is disturbed by the boys' racket, and upon being pelted with junkfood by the boys for telling them to be quiet, he calls the police. Within minutes, Matt and his roommates are caught smoking, and are banned from college campus. Matt returns home to his family, where he is faced with various issues before being shipped off to Vietnam.


Despite receiving positive reviews in some mainstream publishings, Purple Haze was a huge flop, and faded into obscurity shortly after its release. The director, David Burton Morris, offers DVD copies of the film from his e-mail address, DGA123@AOL.com.


Purple Haze is perhaps best remembered for its soundtrack, that consists mainly of period rock from the mid-to-late 1960s. Whether or not the songs were licensed with the filmmakers remains unknown, leading many to believe that this is the reason that an official DVD release has yet to come. The 1981 animated film Heavy Metal faced similar issues that were resolved in the late 1990s when the film finally received a proper DVD release.


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