Queensland DD17 class locomotive

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Queensland DD17 class locomotive
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Queensland DD17 class number 949
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Designer Cyril Renton
Builder Ipswich workshops
Build date 1948-1952
Total produced 12
Configuration 4-6-4T
Gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Driver diameter 4 ft 3 in (1,295 mm)
Locomotive weight 62 long tons (63 t; 69 short tons)
Boiler pressure 180 psi (1,241 kPa)
Heating surface:
– Firebox
18.5 sq ft (1.72 m2)
Cylinders Two, outside
Cylinder size Diameter: 17 in (432 mm)
Performance figures
Tractive effort 20,808 lb (9,438 kg)
Operator(s) Queensland Railways
Class DD17
Nicknames "Blue Baby" (1049 "Stormin Normin")
Preserved 1046, 1047, 1049, 1051.
Current owner Zig Zag Railway (1046, 1047, 1049) Workshops Rail Museum (1051)
Disposition 1049 and 1051 operational

The DD17 class steam locomotive was a 4-6-4T locomotive of the Queensland Railways (QR).[1]

The locomotives operated on 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge. The significance of the first "D" is in line with the QR loco classing system where the letter referred to the number of coupled wheels. "A" refers to 4 coupled driving wheels, "B" to 6, "C" to 8 and "D" to 6 on a tank locomotive. The second "D" indicates an improved version of the earlier D17 class and the number "17" indicates the cylinder diameter of seventeen inches (432 mm). The DD17 class was built to provide more powerful motive power to the Brisbane suburban network.


All 12 locomotives were built at Ipswich workshops and given works numbers 199-210. Running numbers were 949-954 and 1046-1051.


Four are still in existence:

  • No. 1046 is stored dismantled on the Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSW, having been used in preservation between 1975 and the mid-1980s.[2]
  • No. 1047 is stored on the Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSW, having been used in preservation between the 1970s and the mid-1990s.[2]
  • No. 1049 is operational on the Zig Zag Railway, Lithgow, NSW. It was restored to operation in the 1990s.[2]
  • No. 1051 is operational and part of the QR Heritage Fleet. It is often on display at the Workshops Rail Museum at North Ipswich, Queensland between main line tours.[2]

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