Raven Records

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Raven Records
Raven Records Logo.jpg
Founded 1979
Founder Glenn A. Baker
Kevin Mueller
Peter Shillito
Distributor(s) Shock Records
Genre Various
Country of origin Australia
Location East Ivanhoe, Victoria
Official website Raven Records

For the defunct Canadian label of the same name, see Raven Records (Canadian label)

Raven Records is an Australian record label that specializes in retrospectives and reissues or recordings by American, British and Australian artists.

Raven Records was established in 1979 by Glenn A. Baker, Kevin Mueller and Peter Shillito.

There is also an American label called Raven which specializes in organ music. It is not connected with the Australian label.




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I have a Raven compilation album titled 'Live At Big Daddy's' & it has Little Sammy & the In People, The Bentbeaks, The Blues Syndicate, The Others, The Why Four (Y?4), The Harts, The Third Party & The Chosen Few.

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