Reading Angel

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Reading Angel
Reading Angel (Buffyverse).jpg
Author Various. Edited by Stacey Abbott
Subject Buffyverse
Genre academic publication, Media Study
Publisher I. B. Tauris
Publication date
September 22, 2005
Pages 256
ISBN ISBN 1-85043-839-0
OCLC 61164560
791.45/72 22
LC Class PN1992.77.A588 R43 2005

Reading Angel: The TV Spin-off With a Soul is an academic publication relating to the fictional Buffyverse established by TV series, Buffy and Angel.

Book description and contents[edit]

The collection covers many topics including Angel's setting, the cinematic aesthetics of Angel, its music, shifting portrayals of masculinity, the noir Los Angeles setting, the superhero, the evolution of the show's characters and the series' premature end.

Chapter Title Author
"Angel: Redefinition and Justification through Faith" Phil Colvin
"Ubi Caritas?: Music as Narrative Agent in Angel" Matthew Mills
"Transitions and Time: The Cinematic Language of Angel" Tammy A. Kinsey
"A Sense of Ending: Schrödinger's Angel" Roz Kaveney
"Los Angeles: The City of Angel" Benjamin Jacob
"Outing Lorne: Performance for the Performers" Stan Beeler
"'LA's got it all': Hybridity and Otherness in Angel's Postmodern City " Sara Upstone
"Gender Politics in Angel: Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Corporate Climates" Janine R. Harrison
"The Rule of Prophecy: Source of Law in the City of Angel" Sharon Sutherland & Sarah Swan
"The Dark Avenger: Angel and the Cinematic Superhero" Janet K. Halfyard
"'And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine': Wesley/Lilah and Complicated Role of the Female Agent on Angel" Jennifer Stoy
"From Rogue in the 'Hood to Suave in a Suit: Black Masculinity and the Transformation of Charles Gunn" Michaela D. E. Meyer
"'Nobody Scream... or Touch My Arms': The Comic Stylings of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce" Stacey Abbott
"Stacey Abbott Monstrous Mother and Vampires with Souls: Investigating the Abject in 'Television Horror'" Matt Hills & Rebecca Williams
"Afterword: The Depths of Stacey Abbott and the Birth of Angel studies" Rhonda V. Wilcox & David Lavery
"We'll Follow Angel to Hell... or Another Network': The Fan Response to the End of Angel"

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