Reyneke Island

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Reyneke Island from space

Reyneke Island (Russian: Остров Рейнеке, 42°54′N 131°43′E / 42.900°N 131.717°E / 42.900; 131.717Coordinates: 42°54′N 131°43′E / 42.900°N 131.717°E / 42.900; 131.717) is an island in Peter the Great Gulf in 25 km to the south of Zolotoy Rog. It is a part of the Eugénie Archipelago.

It is 4,6 km2 in area, and has a population of 23 (2005) in the only settlement. It is the smallest both by area and population of four inhabited islands of Primorsky Krai after Russky, Putyatin and Popov Islands. Administratively the island is under Vladivostok's jurisdiction.

A west part of island more deciduous forestly (oak, acer and tilia), and an east part more meadowy. Pinales are rarely on the island, except for pinus koraiensis. There are one islet and many kekurs near island.

Reyneke Island is a summer recreation for Primorye peoples. Beaches are pebbly and sandy. A ferry connected island and mainland Vladivostok three times a week in a warm season.[1] The main branches of economy of island are fish-processing and tourism.[2]

It was named after Mikhail Reyneke, Vice Admiral and hydrographer.[3]



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