River Wey, Dorset

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This article is about the river in Dorset. For the tributary of the Thames in Surrey, see River Wey (Surrey).

The River Wey of Dorset, south west England, is a short river 5.5 miles (8.8 kilometres) long. The river rises in Upwey, where the spring forms Upwey Wishing Well, at the foot of the South Dorset Downs, a ridge of chalk hills that separate Weymouth from Dorchester. Most of the river's course is in the built-up area of Weymouth, running through the former villages (now suburbs) of Upwey, Broadwey, Nottington, and Radipole, through Radipole Lake and into Weymouth Harbour.

The river is important for wildlife; Radipole Lake is a national nature reserve run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Coordinates: 50°40′00″N 2°29′00″W / 50.666667°N 2.483333°W / 50.666667; -2.483333