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Rock usually refers to:

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  • Rock (name), a list of people with the surname or, less commonly, the first name
  • Dwayne Johnson (born 1972), actor and professional wrestler also known as "The Rock"
  • Rock Hudson (1925-1985), stage name of American actor Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.
  • Knute Rockne (1888-1931), Norwegian-American football player and coach nicknamed "Rock"
  • Tim Raines (born 1959), American former Major League Baseball player nicknamed "Rock"
  • Larry Zeidel (born 1928), Canadian ice hockey player nicknamed "Rock"
  • Nate Quarry (born 1972), American mixed martial artist nicknamed "Rock"
  • Pedro Rizzo (born 1974), Brazilian martial artist nicknamed "The Rock"
  • Ole Anderson (born 1942), professional wrestler who began his career as "Rock Rogowski"
  • Don Muraco (born 1949), professional wrestler also known as "The Rock"
  • Rock (rapper) (born Jamal Bush in 1975), American rapper
  • Kid Rock (born 1971), stage name of American rapper and rock musician Robert James Ritchie
  • Jon Nørgaard (born 1985), Danish singer who performs as John Rock

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  • The Rock of Gibraltar, British overseas territory near the southernmost tip of Spain
  • Corregidor, an island in the Philippines
  • Niue, an island near Tonga referred to as "the Rock" by residents
  • Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa
  • Foundation Stone, the rock inside Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock
  • Newark's Prudential Center, nicknamed "The Rock" due to Prudential Financial's logo




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