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Rosaria Conte (Foggia, 1952) is an Italian social scientist. She is the head of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation at the Istc-Cnr in Rome, which hosts an interdisciplinary research group working at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences.[1] She was President of European Social Simulation Association and ISC (Italian Cognitive Science Association). Rosaria Conte published more than 130 works among volumes, papers in scientific journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. Her scientific activity aims at explaining social behaviour among intelligent autonomous systems, and modeling the dynamics of norms and norm-enforcement mechanisms (including reputation and gossip). Her research is characterized by a highly interdisciplinary approach, at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences.


Conte studied philosophy at the Sapienza University of Rome. In 1980 she received a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Department of Sociology, UCSD, USA, under the supervision of the sociologist Aaron Cicourel. In 1985 she completed her education with a visiting period at the Department of Psychology of the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.

Rosaria Conte's scientific interest focused on Social order, Agent Theory, Emergence and the Evolution of Social institutions, Deontic logic, Social simulation and Cultural evolution. From 1982 to 2001 she was Junior Scientist at the Institute of Psychology (IP, now Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, ISTC) of Cnr. In 1998 she became the head of Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation (LABSS), at Istc-Cnr. In the same period she started teaching Social Psychology at the University of Siena.

In 2001 she became Honorary Associate Researcher at Center for Policy Making of Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. In 2006 she was elected President of AISC (Italian Cognitive Science Association), and in 2008 became President of the European Social Simulation Association.

She is now a member of the newly established Rome Node of the Center of Interactive Intelligent Systems (CIIS) of the University of Plymouth, UK.

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