Ruff Sqwad

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Ruff Sqwad
Genres Grime
Instruments Digital Audio Workstation
Drum machine
Years active 2001–present
Labels Takeover Entertainment Limited
Ruff Sqwad Recordings
Members Tinchy Stryder
Dirty Danger[2]
DJ Sir Spyro[3]

Ruff Sqwad is a grime group and record production team formed in 2001.[1] The group and team were based in London, England, from 2006 until 2012.[4]

Ruff Sqwad are one of the founding groups of the grime music genre, that was established in the early 2000s in Bow, East London, and are the longest standing grime group to this day. The group and team emerged on the grime music scene by independently releasing several mixtapes.[5][6]


Ruff Squad are a well-respected grime supergroup and known production team. They have released two independent record label studio albums, and they have also released many mixtapes together and as individuals. Their most recent studio album is "Guns and Roses Volume. 2" released in October 2006.

They are well known within the grime music scene, and they are one of the successful rap groups in grime music. Ruff Sqwad in the past used to play at music venues in the United Kingdom non stop since the autumn of 2006, and they used to also appear nearly every month at most grime events especially gig's at The Old Blue Last (Shoreditch, London) until 2010.[7][8][9]


Ruff Sqwad consists of five members: Tinchy Stryder; Slix; Dirty Danger; Rapid and DJ Sir Spyro.[10]

Ruff Sqwad logo from 2006 – 2010

Tinchy Stryder[edit]

Tinchy Stryder (Real name: Kwasi Danquah III, born 14 September 1986), has been a member of the Ruff Sqwad since 2001. He is head of Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team.

  • Stryder has been in the grime (music) scene since the early 2000s and has been part of Roll Deep and is still the leader of Ruff Sqwad. He has released many mixtapes and EPs, as well as three Albums, and has achieved considerable mainstream success, including two UK number 1s and many more Europe and UK Top 40 hits.[11]


Slix (born 1982), is a grime musician, and producer for the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team. He is the cousin of Dizzee Rascal.

  • Slix has released two solo mixtapes entitled "Down Volume 1" and "Down Volume 2". He had also featured on Tinchy Stryder's 2006 debut mixtape entitled "I'm Back U Know".[11]

Dirty Danger[edit]

Dirty Danger (Real name: David Nkrumah, born 1984), is a grime musician and producer. Dirty Danger is the beatmaker for the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team.

Dirty Danger also known as Dirty Dangerous is most known for being a key member of the grime group Ruff Sqwad. The grime MC and producer is from East London has produced numerous tracks for Ruff Sqwad. Ruff Sqwad is also the group in which Tinchy Sryder is affiliated with and Dirt Danger has also produced tracks on Tinchy’s album “Star in the Hood”.

He also produced copious tracks in Ruff Sqwads mixtape “Guns and Roses” volume 1 and 2. He has been involved with the Ruff Sqwad movement from the onset and is a well-known artist within the grime scene. His renowned bars were featured in the track ‘I Ball’ along with Tinchy Stryder and Sway where he shows his versatility and enthusiasm when spitting bars.[12]


  • Loose Change
  • I Ain't Rich Yet

Prince Rapid[edit]

Rapid (Real name: Prince Owusu-Agyekum born November 8th 1985), is a grime musician and producer. Prince Rapid is the grime (music)/hip hop producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer for the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team.

  • Rapid's first production that was recognised within the grime scene was "Tings in Boots". It was also on this track that he made his debut as an MC. However it is in producing where he has made his greater mark to date. Widely acknowledged as being one of the best producers in the grime scene - he is a leading member of the supergroup and production team Ruff Sqwad, and produces many tracks for the supergroup and production team.
  • Rapid has made many grime hits since bursting onto the grime scene, ranging from the songs "Move" and "Underground" (featuring Tinchy Stryder), which also featured his vocals. Following his long career and success with grime music, he produces and experiments more with other music genres.[11]

DJ Sir Spyro[edit]

DJ Sir Spyro (born 1986), is a DJ and producer. Sir Spyro is the DJ and Computer DJ for the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team, also serving as the personal DJ for Tinchy Stryder, and was the most recent member to join the Ruff Sqwad supergroup and production team after being initiated by Tinchy Stryder in 2011.[3]

Former members[edit]

Ruff Sqwad was first established in the year 2001 by Tinchy Stryder, Slix, Dirty Danger, Rapid, and former members Shifty Rydos and Mad Max,[11] and now forms what is today known as the supergroup and production team Ruff Sqwad.[11]

Shifty Rydos had been a member of Ruff Sqwad since 2001. While in the Ruff Sqwad, Shifty Rydos featured in the 2005 and 2006 Ruff Sqwad albums.[11] In 2004, a grime DJ by name of Scholar became a member of the Ruff Sqwad. DJ Scholar was member of Ruff Sqwad until 2010.[11] In 2006, following the departure of Mad Max, Fuda Guy replaced Mad Max. Fuda Guy was member of the Ruff Sqwad until 2010 along with Shifty Rydos and DJ Scholar.[11]



First album[edit]

In 2005, Ruff Sqwads first album, Guns and Roses Volume. 1, was released. It was released in March 2005 on the independent record label Ruff Sqwad Recordings, and was very well received by the grime scene. It has been ranked amongst the best full-length studio albums of all time to come from the grime scene. The album was the first of a three-part album series.[13]

Second album[edit]

Ruff Sqwad's second album, Guns and Roses Volume. 2, was released in October, 2006.[13] It was released on the independent record label Ruff Sqwad Recordings, and was very well received by the grime scene. Along with their debut album, Guns and Roses Volume. 1, it has also been ranked amongst the best full-length studio albums of all time to come from the grime scene.[13] The album was the second of the three-part album series.


Music videos[edit]

List of music videos, showing year released and director
Title Year Director(s) Ref.
"Anna/Down" 2004 Brandon "Maniac" Jolie [11]
(Tinchy Stryder with Ruff Sqwad)
"Walking U Home" 2008 Jak "FrSH" O'Hare &

Brandon "Maniac" Jolie

"I Wanna Let U Know"
(with various Grime artists)
2009 Jak "FrSH" O'Hare
"Tryna Be Me"
(Tinchy Stryder with Ruff Sqwad)
"On My Own"
(Blame with Ruff Sqwad)
2010 Danann Breathnach
"Champions" Jak "FrSH" O'Hare
"This Side" 2011 Craig Capone
"Las Vegas" Luke Monaghan
"Mario Balotelli" 2012 Luke Monaghan & James Barber [14]

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