Rugby Football League Championship Second Division

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RFL Championship Second Division
Country  England
Founded 1902-03
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Promotion to Super League
Relegation to League 1
Domestic cup(s) Challenge Cup
Current champions
Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions (5th Tiltle)
Most championships
Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions,
Redscolours.svg Salford Red Devils (5 Titles)
TV partners Sky Sports
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Within British rugby league there have been periods when the Championship has been divided into two divisions, with promotion and relegation between the two. For more on the varying structure of rugby league, see Rugby Football League Championship.

During certain periods, from the 1991–92 Rugby Football League season, a third division has also existed.

After 1996, 11 clubs resigned from the championship to form Super League; the remaining clubs initially continued to play in what was now known as the First Division. Despite this title, this competition formed the second tier of rugby league in Britain, and the results are collated here.

Between 1999 and 2002 the competition was known as the Northern Ford Premiership, as a result of sponsorship from Northern Ford Dealers.

In 2003 rugby league beneath Super League were completely re-organised into the National Leagues, now known as the Championships.

Second Division Championship winners[edit]

For completeness, this table includes champions from National League One (2003–2008) and the Co-operative Championship (2009-present)

Season Winners[1] Promoted
(to First Division/Super League)
1902–03 Cougscolours.svg Keighley Cougscolours.svg Keighley, Rhinoscolours.svg Leeds
1903–04 Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity, Saintscolours.svg St Helens
1904–05 Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury, Barrowcolours.svg Barrow
1905-62 No Second Division
1962–63 Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet, Cougscolours.svg Keighley
1963–64 Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham, Leigh colours.svg Leigh
1964-73 No Second Division
1973–74 Bullscolours.svg Bradford Northern Bullscolours.svg Bradford Northern, Yorkcolours.svg York, Cougscolours.svg Keighley, Redscolours.svg Salford
1974–75 Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield, HKRcolours.svg Hull KR, Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham, Swintoncolours.svg Swinton
1975–76 Barrowcolours.svg Barrow Barrowcolours.svg Barrow, Rochdale colours.svg Rochdale Hornets, Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town, Leigh colours.svg Leigh
1976–77 Hullcolours.svg Hull Hullcolours.svg Hull, Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury, Bramley, Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet
1977–78 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Leigh colours.svg Leigh, Barrowcolours.svg Barrow, Rochdale colours.svg Rochdale Hornets, Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield
1978–79 Hullcolours.svg Hull Hullcolours.svg Hull, Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet, Yorkcolours.svg York, Blackpoolcolours.svg Blackpool Borough
1979–80 Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers, Faxcolours.svg Halifax, Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham, Barrowcolours.svg Barrow
1980–81 Yorkcolours.svg York Yorkcolours.svg York, Wigancolours.svg Wigan, Broncoscolours.png Fulham, Haven colours.svg Whitehaven
1981–82 Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham, Carlisle, Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town, Faxcolours.svg Halifax
1982–83 Broncoscolours.png Fulham Broncoscolours.png Fulham, Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity, Redscolours.svg Salford, Haven colours.svg Whitehaven
1983–84 Barrowcolours.svg Barrow Barrowcolours.svg Barrow, Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town, Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet, Hunsletcolours.svg Halifax
1984–85 Swintoncolours.svg Swinton Swintoncolours.svg Swinton, Redscolours.svg Salford, Yorkcolours.svg York, Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury
1985–86 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Leigh colours.svg Leigh, Barrowcolours.svg Barrow, Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity
1986–87 Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet, Swintoncolours.svg Swinton
1987–88 Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham, Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers, Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity
1988–89 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Leigh colours.svg Leigh, Barrowcolours.svg Barrow, Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles
1989–90 HKRcolours.svg Hull KR HKRcolours.svg Hull KR, Rochdale colours.svg Rochdale Hornets, Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham
1990–91 Redscolours.svg Salford Redscolours.svg Salford, Faxcolours.svg Halifax, Swintoncolours.svg Swinton
1991–92 Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles, Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions
1992–93 Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers, Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham
1993–94 Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town, Doncaster colours.svg Doncaster
1994–95 Cougscolours.svg Keighley Cougars N/A
1995–96 Redscolours.svg Salford Reds N/A
1996 Redscolours.svg Salford Reds Redscolours.svg Salford Reds
1997 Hullcolours.svg Hull Sharks Hullcolours.svg Hull Sharks, Giantscolours.svgHuddersfield Giants
1998 Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity
1999 Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet Hawks N/A
2000 Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury Rams N/A
2001 Widnes colours.svg Widnes Vikings Widnes colours.svg Widnes Vikings
2002 Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield Giants Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield Giants
2003 Redscolours.svg Salford City Reds Redscolours.svg Salford City Reds
2004 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions
2005 Castleford colours.svg Castleford Tigers Castleford colours.svg Castleford Tigers
2006 HKRcolours.svg Hull KR HKRcolours.svg Hull KR
2007 Castleford colours.svg Castleford Tigers Castleford colours.svg Castleford Tigers
2008 Redscolours.svg Salford City Reds Redscolours.svg Salford City Reds, Cruscolours.svg Crusaders
2009 Barrowcolours.svg Barrow Raiders N/A
2010 Faxcolours.svg Halifax N/A
2011 Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers Widnes colours.svg Widnes Vikings
2012 Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles N/A
2013 Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles N/A
2014 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions N/A
  • Bold- Grand Final Winners


Club Wins Winning Year
1 Leigh colours.svg Leigh Centurions 5 1976-77, 1985-86, 1988-89, 2004, 2014
2 Redscolours.svg Salford Red Devils 5 1990-91, 1995-96, 1996, 2003, 2008
3 Oldhamcolours.svg Oldham 3 1963-64, 1981-82, 1987-88
4 Barrowcolours.svg Barrow Raiders 3 1975-76, 1983-84, 2009
5 Fevcolours.svg Featherstone Rovers 3 1979-80, 1992-93, 2011
6 Sheffeagles colours.svg Sheffield Eagles 3 1991-92, 2012, 2013
7 Cougscolours.svg Keighley Cougars 2 1902-03, 1994-95
8 Ramscolours.svg Dewsbury Rams 2 1904-05, 2000
9 Wcatscolours.svg Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 2 1903-04, 1998
10 Hunsletcolours.svg Hunslet Hawks 2 1962-63, 1999
11 Giantscolours.svg Huddersfield Giants 2 1974-75, 2002
12 Hullcolours.svg Hull F.C. 2 1976-77, 1978-79
13 HKRcolours.svg Hull KR 2 1989-90, 2006
14 Castleford colours.svg Castleford Tigers 2 2005, 2007
15 Bullscolours.svg Bradford Bulls 1 1973-74
16 Yorkcolours.svg York City Knights 1 1980-81
17 Broncoscolours.png London Broncos 1 1982-83
18 Swintoncolours.svg Swinton Lions 1 1984-85
19 Workingtoncolours.svg Workington Town 1 1993-94
20 Widnes colours.svg Widnes Vikings 1 2001
21 Faxcolours.svg Halifax RLFC 1 2010

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