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Run the Risk was a BBC1 children's show, which aired from September 1992 until the beginning of 1998. It was aired on Saturday mornings during Going Live, and later Live & Kicking, and was later repeated as its own individual show. It was presented by Peter Simon for the entire run alongside Shane Richie, John Eccleston and Bobby Davro, for part of the run. The games the teams had to do involved gunge and were similar to those performed on It's a Knockout. Run the Risk borrowed much from its predecessor, Double Dare, which was also hosted by Peter Simon. The sections between the games were written by Paul Duddridge and John Mann. (Except the season hosted by John Ecclestone).


In the first few series, there was an opening stunt worth 10 points, followed by three rounds of three questions each, though each team was limited to one correct answer. In round 1, the first question was worth 10 points; the second, 20; and the third, 30. All question values increased by 10 with each new round.

At the end of each question round, the team that had answered the highest-valued question correctly was given a choice to either "run the risk" by taking part in a timed stunt, or to force another team to "run the risk." If the team "ran the risk," and completed the conditions of the stunt within the allotted time, the team would receive as many points as the highest-valued question in the round (i.e., 30, 40, or 50), plus a 20-point bonus for "running the risk" themselves. If the team failed, the other two teams would each receive half of the points (but none of the bonus). Should the team nominate another team, then there are no bonus points available, and the points go to the team "running the risk" (if successful), or the nominating team (if unsuccessful).

One final question round was played with no stunt, with 40, 50, and 60 points available on each question (still only one question to a team, however).

After that, the teams face the "Final Risk," an obstacle course. The team in the lead is placed directly at the start line, while the other two teams are placed further back based on how far they are trailing the lead team. The first team to complete the course, sit on their respective pyramid, and step on the buzzers (the same method of signalling as in the question rounds) wins the grand prize. Of the other two teams, the team with more points receives a second-place prize, and the team with fewer points receives a third-place prize.

Members of all 3 teams wore grey T-shirts with the "Run the Risk" logo on the back, in either red, yellow or blue depending on what team they were in, and blue shorts.


A Swedish version of the show was also made. It was known as Rally Planeten.

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