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Sa-Nur, 1978

Sa-Nur (Hebrew: שָׂא נוּר, lit. Flame Carrier) was an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank under the administrative jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council until 2005.[1] Prior to its demolition, Sa-Nur was home to 43 families.[2]

Unilateral disengagement[edit]

In September 2005 its 105 residents were evicted and Israel Defense Forces soldiers began dismantling Sanur as part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan.[3] The demolition of Sa-Nur and Homesh marked the end of the central part of the disengagement plan.[4] The only remaining structure, a synagogue, was buried, in order to prevent its desecration by the Arabs.[citation needed]

Attempts to rebuild[edit]

Since the demolition, religious Zionist groups have attempted to return to Sa-Nur, in order to rebuild the community. The largest attempt to date took place on May 8, 2008. Following a permitted Independence Day rally in Homesh, a group of 150 set off at night for Sa-Nur, including many former residents.[2]

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