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Location of Sandusky Bay (darker blue).


Sandusky Bay is one of the principal bodies of water in northern Ohio.[1] It is situated in between Erie,[2] Ottawa,[3] and Sandusky[4] counties in the U.S. state of Ohio and just to the south of Lake Erie.[5] It was identified as Lac (Lake) Sandouské on a 1718 map by Guillaume Delisle.[6] It has also been referred to as Lake Junandat, Lake Otsandoske, Lake Sandusky, Sandoski Bay, Sanduskey Bay, and Sandusky Lake.[7] According to Francis Leroy Landacre, it is a "shallow, almost land-locked harbor averaging about twelve feet in depth, some fourteen or fifteen miles in length, with a width of something like two miles."[8] It contains numerous marshes and serves as an entry point for several streams.[9] Sandusky Bay runs from Muddy Creek Bay[10] to Cedar Point,[11] which separates Sandusky Bay from Lake Erie.[12] The Sandusky River drains into the bay at its westernmost point. The Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge carries Route 2 and Route 269 across Sandusky Bay at its Eastern end.[13] This is the only direct highway link between Ottawa and Erie Counties. Sandusky Bay can be viewed from Marblehead Lighthouse at Marblehead Lighthouse State Park.[14] The Sandusky Bay Water Trail was dedicated on June 2, 2007 to provide recreational opportunities along Sandusky Bay.[15][16] The water of Sandusky Bay is shallow and rarely clear.[17] According to author Tom Cross, "Sandusky Bay is known for great early spring crappie fishing."[18]

Current Events[edit]

Samples of water from Sandusky Bay gathered on July 30 and 31, 2012 showed that invasive Asian carp might have gotten to Lake Erie, possibly impacting Lake Erie's $1 billion fishing industry and $10 billion tourism industry.[19]

On June 14, 2012, Sandusky Bay lent its name to a station of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.[20]

Wars and Rebellions[edit]

War of 1812. General Harrison dragged boats across the de Lery portage from Sandusky Bay to Lake Erie.[21]

Old French War. Colonel John Bradstreet sailed sixty long boats into Sandusky Bay and encamped on September 20, 1704.[22]

Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837. Rebels might have traveled across the ice from Sandusky Bay to Pelee Island.[23]


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