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Scream Tracker
Scream Tracker 3.21 screenshot
Scream Tracker 3.21 screenshot
Developer(s) Future Crew (FC)
Stable release 3.21 / 1994; 21 years ago (1994)
Development status Historic
Written in C and Assembly
Operating system DOS
Type Tracker
License Proprietary

Scream Tracker is a tracker (an integrated multi-track step sequencer and sampler as a software application). It was created by Psi (Sami Tammilehto) of Finland's Future Crew (FC)[1][2] It was coded in C and assembly language. The first popular version of Scream Tracker, version 2.2, was published in 1990.[3] Versions prior to 3.0 created STM (Scream Tracker Module) files, later ones used S3M (ScreamTracker 3 Module). The last version of Scream Tracker was 3.21 released in 1994. It was the precursor of the PC tracking scene and its interface inspired newer trackers like Impulse Tracker.[4][5]

Scream Tracker 3.0 and later supports up to 100 8-bit samples, 32 channels (16 PCM and 16 adlib/FM), 100 patterns and 256 order positions. It can also handle up to nine FM-synthesis channels on sound cards using the popular OPL2/3/4 chipsets, and unusually, can play digital and FM instruments at the same time.

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