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Background information
Also known as Sena Verdi
Origin London, England
Genres Indie
Labels Black Hole Perfecto, Armada, Sony BMG, Warner Music, CR2, Recoverworld, Prosumer Records
Associated acts Paul Oakenfold, BT, Akira Kiteshi, MYNC, 16 Bit Lolitas, Moones,
Notable instruments
Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass

Senadee is the pseudonym of singer, music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Sena Verdi.


Verdi was born in Tehran, Iran two years after The Iranian Revolution on 13 December 1981. His family left the country sometime around the mid-1980s to pursue a life in the United Kingdom. After spending around 8 months in Paris, the family moved to the South-East London suburb of Thamesmead. It was here on the Maran Way estate that Sena spent most of his formative childhood years.

In 1994, Verdi's family relocated from Thamesmead to the contrasting suburbs of Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. He attended St. Clement Danes school and it was here that his interest in music was born. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, The Stone Roses, Radiohead and U2, Verdi's musical interest always lay in the works of "bands with big ideas". A trait which is certainly evident in his own music. Unable to pay for music tuition fees, Verdi opted to become a self-taught musician. By the age of 15 he had acquired the skills and disciplines to play Guitar by ear, and within a couple or years had translated his understanding of fundamental Diatonic Theory to become a proficient Pianist.

Verdi's love of rock music led him to enroll in a music college where he would eventually play guitar and become the principal songwriter for Watford based rock/pop outfit Paraya (Later reforming as The Toys). After writing and producing the debut-album, Verdi landed the group a management deal. He left the band in May 2004 to pursue a career as a producer/songwriter.

Over the next couple of years Verdi would work with various artists within the fields of Hip-Hop and R&B including D-Boy and Mobo Award winning Rapper Akala as both a producer, writer and instrumentalist. It was at this time that Verdi's first foray into the world of hip hop materialized. Along with his cousin, he set up Neopolitcal rap group Persian Princes. The group went on to produce and record a debut album, performing at various shows and urban events. They received wide press coverage in 2006 as a result of a particular song performed and produced by Verdi. The song was a tribute inspired by the passing of a death sentence of a young Iranian girl called Nazanin Fatehi who was condemned for killing a would-be rapist in self-defence. Verdi's involvement in the release of this song gained press coverage around the world with appearances on CNN, and in-depth political debates, interviews and airplay on several BBC radio stations. Eventually, under increasing global pressure, the authorities conceded and Nazanin was awarded a pardon which saved her life.

Alongside his production duties in Hip-Hop and R&B, Verdi was involved in a sideline bedroom project that was to form the basis for his career as 'Senadee'.

Senadee: The Beginning[edit]

Verdi's writing persisted continuously and was not confined to any style or genre. Having had no formal training or real encouragement to pursue his interest in music, he found himself in many styles from Pop, to R&B to Rock and Hip-Hop, with the latter two being his most apparent influences - In fact the name Senadee comes from his days as an MC, 'Sena-D' (The last letter implying his surname at the time, which was later changed to Verdi).

One of Senadee's songs, 'My Fault' caught the attention of up and coming producer Ben Gold (Son of veteran DJ and Dance music pioneer Graham Gold). Gold used a sample of the song to produce what was to become one of the biggest underground Dance tunes of 2008, 'Say The Words'. The track was signed to Flux Delux, a sub-label of Recoverworld Records, one of the most famous Indie dance labels in the world. The song was showcased by Armin van Buuren and received heavy rotation on Radio One by dance DJ's Judge Jules and Dave Pearce.

Although not technically a singer, and with no formal training as one, Senadee nevertheless sang on all his early demo's merely due to the absence of anyone else to sing them for him.

Senadee has worked with various people around the world on songs in the world of dance music. These include Grammy-Award nominated artist and producer BT, 3 X Grammy-Award nominated producer & DJ Paul Oakenfold, Dubstep pioneer Akira Kiteshi, Dutch production duo 16 Bit Lolitas, Ben Gold, Bissen, Matt Hardwick and house production unit MYNC.

In May 2011 he signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records as the first commercial signing to the label in over a decade. The song "Life Support Machine" was his debut outing on the imprint. The song was released on 5 March 2012 and gained worldwide airplay including London's Kiss FM and national BBC Radio 1.

Senadee appears on BT's ninth studio album A Song Across Wires on the track "Lifeline", which he sang and co-wrote. The single is due for release in summer 2014.

On 25 May 2014, Senadee was featured on dance legend Chicane's comeback single "No More I Sleep", which is the lead single from his forthcoming album due in 2014.

Signing with Black Hole[edit]

On March 7, 2014, Senadee signed with the Dutch dance label Black Hole Records for a multi-album deal. Senadee's debut album is due for release 2015, although the single "Robot Love" was released in 2014.

Singles featuring Senadee[edit]

  • Ben Gold (feat. Senadee) - "Say the Words" (2008)
  • John Askew (feat. Senadee) - "Nothing Left Between Us" (2008)
  • Ben Gold (feat. Senadee) - "Today" (2009)
  • Thomas Datt & Chris Hampshire (feat. Senadee) - "Speed of Light" (2010)
  • Matt Hardwick (feat. Senadee) - "In My Mind" (2011)
  • MYNC & Senadee - "No Place Like Home" (2012)
  • Ørjan Nilsen (feat. Senadee) - "Hands" (2013)
  • BT & Senadee - "Lifeline" (2013)
  • Chicane (feat. Senadee) - "No More I Sleep" (2014)


  • "Life Support Machine" (19 March 2012)
  • "Robot Love" (10 November 2014)


  • Life Support Machine (Release date TBA)


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