Sha Menghai

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sha.
Former Residence of Sha Menghai in Hangzhou
calligraphy of Sha Menghai

Sha Menghai (Chinese: 沙孟海; pinyin: Shā Mènghǎi, June 11, 1900—1992), born Shi Wenruo (沙文若), was a great master of calligraphy in China. He is widely regarded as the top one of Chinese modern art of calligraphy. He also was a master of Chinese seal carving (中国篆刻艺术), a theoretician of traditional Chinese art, and a master of Shanghai School art. Sha Wenhan is his brother.

Sha was born in Sha village in Yinxian, Zhejiang. He was a professor in National Zhongshan University (from 1929), National Zhejiang University (from 1949), and China Academy of Art (from 1963).