Siachen Muztagh

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Siachen Muztagh
Elevation 7,462 m (24,482 ft)
Location A region controlled by China and claimed by India and a region controlled by India and claimed by Pakistan[1]
Range Eastern Karakoram Range

The Siachen Muztagh is a remote subrange of the eastern Karakoram Range. Close to 60% is in area controlled by China, 40% in area controlled by India. Pakistan claims the Indian-controlled portion as part of the Siachen Conflict. India claims the Chinese-controlled portion. India administers its portion as part of the Jammu and Kashmir state. China administers its portion as part of Xinjiang province.

All available maps and atlases (including a detailed delineation of the Siachen Muztagh's limits on the 1990 Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research "Karakoram Sheet 2" map) define the range as between the Shaksgam River on the north, the Urdok Glacier on the northwest, the Siachen Glacier on the southwest, the Teram Shehr and South Rimo Glaciers and Italian Col on the south, and the uppermost Yarkand River on the east.

Its highest peak is Teram Kangri I, 7,462 metres (24,482 feet).


  1. ^ India is in de facto control of this region of Kashmir; the Indian claim is disputed by Pakistan. See e.g. The Future of Kashmir on the BBC website.

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