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The Socialist Party of Labour (Romanian: Partidul Socialist al Muncii, PSM) was a left wing-nationalist political party in Romania.

The party has also been labelled as neo-communist. It was founded on 16 November 1990. The chairman of the party was Ilie Verdeţ,[1] former premier under Nicolae Ceauşescu. On 1992 legislative election, the party got roughly 3% of votes and entered the parliament. Together with the Great Romania Party, the PSM formed the 'National Bloc' faction in Romanian Senate. The PSM participated in the so-called Red Quadrilateral coalition that in addition to PSM included Iliescu's Democratic National Salvation Front, the Greater Romania Party (at that time national communist) and the nationalist Romanian National Unity Party.[2] Later, the Socialist Party of Labour gradually lost its influence.

In July, 2003, the party fused with the Social Democratic Party (Romania); members who objected to the fusion formed a splinter group, called the Socialist Alliance Party.


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