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Prime Minister of Romania
Flag of the Prime Minister of Romania.svg
Flag of the Prime Minister of Romania
Victor Ponta Feb 2014.jpg
Victor Ponta

since 7 May 2012
Residence Victoria Palace
Appointer President of Romania
Term length No fixed term
Inaugural holder Barbu Catargiu
Formation 22 January 1862
Coat of arms of Romania
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The Prime Minister of Romania (Romanian: Prim-ministrul României) is the head of the Government of Romania. Initially, the office was styled President of the Council of Ministers (Romanian: Președintele Consiliului de Miniștri), when the term "Government" included more than the Cabinet, and the Cabinet was called The Council of Ministers (Consiliul de Miniștri). The title was officially changed to Prime Minister during the communist regime.

The current Prime Minister is Victor Ponta, leader of the PSD, who took over the position on 7 May 2012 after the parliamentary dismissal of the short-lived Ungureanu Cabinet.


According to the Romanian Constitution, the President of the Republic shall designate a candidate to the office of Prime Minister, as a result of his consultation with the party which has obtained absolute majority in Parliament, or -unless such majority exists - with the parties represented in Parliament.[1]

The candidate to the office of Prime Minister shall, within ten days of his designation, seek the vote of confidence of Parliament upon the programme and complete list of the Government. The programme and list of the Government shall be debated upon by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, in joint sitting. Parliament shall grant confidence to the Government by a majority vote of the Deputies and Senators.[1]

The Prime Minister, the Ministers and other members of the Government shall individually take an oath before the President of Romania, as provided under Article 82. The Government as a whole and each of its members shall exercise the mandate from the date of taking the oath.[2]


The Prime Minister shall direct Government actions and co-ordinate activities of its members, with the observance of the powers and duties incumbent on them (executive power). Likewise, he shall submit to the Chamber of Deputies or the Senate reports and statements on Government policy, to be debated with priority.[3] The President cannot dismiss the Prime Minister, but the Parliament can withdraw their support through a vote of no-confidence.[3]

List of Prime Ministers of Romania after 1989[edit]

For a complete list, see List of Prime Ministers of Romania.

Since 1990, Romania had nine Prime Ministers and four ministers held the office ad interim. Numbers in the table below represent the order since 1862; interim officeholders are not numbered, are denoted by italics.

The political stance of prime ministers after the development of a modern party system is given by:

     PSD = Social Democratic Party
(a part of FSN became PDSR and fused with PSDR in 2001)
     FSN/PD-L = National Salvation Front/Democratic Liberal Party
(the remaining faction of FSN became PD in 1993 and changed its name to PD-L in 2007, simultaneously absorbing the PLD. In 2012, it shortened its name to PDL.)
     PNL = National Liberal Party      PNŢCD = Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party
     Ind. = Independent
PM Name Portrait Born-Died Took office Left office Party Cabinet Cab. Coalition members Elections
53 Petre Roman[c] Petre Roman.jpg 1946– 26 December 1989 28 June 1990 FSN Roman I 107 FSN
28 June 1990 30 April 1991 Roman II 108 May 1990
30 April 1991 16 October 1991 Roman III 109
54 Theodor Stolojan Theodor Stolojan1.jpg 1943– 16 October 1991 19 November 1992 FSN/FDSN Stolojan I 110 FSN/FDSN
55 Nicolae Văcăroiu Nicolae Văcăroiu.jpg 1943– 19 November 1992 11 December 1996 FDSN/PDSR Văcăroiu I 111 FDSN/PDSR
(Red Quadrilateral)
September 1992
56 Victor Ciorbea No image.svg 1954– 12 December 1996 17 April 1998 PNȚCD Ciorbea I 112 CDR
+ PAR + PER + FER)

November 1996
Gavril Dejeu No image.svg 1932– 30 March 1998 17 April 1998 PNȚCD
57 Radu Vasile No image.svg 1942–2013 17 April 1998 22 December 1999 PNȚCD Vasile I 113
Alexandru Athanasiu No image.svg 1955– 13 December 1999 22 December 1999 PSDR
58 Mugur Isărescu No image.svg 1949– 22 December 1999 28 December 2000 Ind. Isărescu I 114
59 Adrian Năstase Adrian Năstase.jpg 1950– 28 December 2000 21 December 2004 PDSR/PSD Năstase I 115 PSD
(PDSR + PSDR before 2001)
PUR (2000-03)
November 2000
Eugen Bejinariu No image.svg 1959– 21 December 2004 28 December 2004 PSD
60 Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu at a government meeting.jpg 1952– 29 December 2004 5 April 2007 PNL Tăriceanu I 116 D.A. (PNL-PD)
PUR/PC (2004-07)
November 2004
5 April 2007 22 December 2008 Tăriceanu II 117 PNL
61 Emil Boc BocSpeaking1.jpg 1966– 22 December 2008 23 December 2009 PD-L/PDL Boc I 118 PD-L
November 2008
23 December 2009 6 February 2012 Boc II 119 PD-L/PDL
Cătălin Predoiu No image.svg 1968– 6 February 2012 9 February 2012 Ind.
62 Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu.jpg 1968– 9 February 2012 7 May 2012 Ind. Ungureanu I 120
63 Victor Ponta Wiki ponta.jpg 1972– 7 May 2012 21 December 2012 PSD Ponta I 121 USL
ACS (formed September 2012) (PSD+UNPR (joined September 2012))
21 December 2012 5 March 2014 Ponta II 122 USL
December 2012
5 March 2014 15 December 2014 Ponta III 123 USD

15 December present Ponta IV 124 USL 2.0


Victor Ponta Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu Cătălin Predoiu Emil Boc Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu Eugen Bejinariu Adrian Năstase Mugur Isărescu Alexandru Athanasiu Radu Vasile Gavril Dejeu Victor Ciorbea Nicolae Văcăroiu Theodor Stolojan Petre Roman Constantin Dăscălescu Ilie Verdeț Manea Mănescu Ion Gheorghe Maurer Chivu Stoica Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej Petru Groza Nicolae Rădescu Constantin Sănătescu Ion Antonescu Ion Gigurtu Gheorghe Tătărescu Constantin Argetoianu Gheorghe Argeșanu Armand Călinescu Miron Cristea Octavian Goga Gheorghe Tătărescu Constantin Anghelescu Ion G. Duca Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Iuliu Maniu Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Nicolae Iorga Gheorghe Mironescu Iuliu Maniu Gheorghe Mironescu Iuliu Maniu Vintilă Brătianu Ion I. C. Brătianu Barbu Ştirbey Alexandru Averescu Ion I. C. Brătianu Take Ionescu Alexandru Averescu Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Artur Văitoianu Ion I. C. Brătianu Constantin Coandă Alexandru Marghiloman Alexandru Averescu Ion I. C. Brătianu Titu Maiorescu Petre P. Carp Ion I. C. Brătianu Dimitrie Sturdza Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino Dimitrie Sturdza Petre P. Carp Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino Dimitrie Sturdza Petre S. Aurelian Dimitrie Sturdza Lascăr Catargiu Ion Emanuel Florescu Gheorghe Manu Lascăr Catargiu Theodor Rosetti Ion Brătianu Dimitrie Brătianu Ion Brătianu Manolache Costache Epureanu Ion Emanuel Florescu Lascăr Catargiu Ion Ghica Manolache Costache Epureanu Alexandru G. Golescu Dimitrie Ghica Nicolae Golescu Ștefan Golescu Constantin A. Crețulescu Ion Ghica Lascăr Catargiu Ion Ghica Nicolae Crețulescu Constantin Bosianu Mihail Kogălniceanu Nicolae Crețulescu Apostol Arsache Barbu Catargiu


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