Solihull Barons

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Solihull Barons
Solihull Barons logo.jpg
City Solihull, England
League English National Ice Hockey League
Division Laidler
Founded 2005
Home arena Solihull Ice Rink
Capacity: 800
Ice size: 56m x 28m
Colours White and Red
Head coach Darren Bellerby
Farm club(s) Solihull Junior Barons


Solihull Barons [1] are an English ice hockey team from the town of Solihull who play at Solihull Ice Rink on Hobbs Moat Road. They were formed in 2005. They are named after the team of the same name who played at the same ice rink between 1972 and 1996.[2] From May 2002 to April 2003, Solihull MK Kings played at Hobs Moat Road Rink.[3]


Canadian Rick Fera played for the original Solihull Barons in the 1987-88 season. They won the Southern League in 1977-78 and the English league in 1992-93.

The current Solihull Barons team was formed in 2005 and played in the English Premier Ice Hockey League. At the end of the 2006-07 season they dropped down to the English National Ice Hockey League (ENIHL). The ENIHL was restructured for the 2008-09 season into two regional divisions North and South, with two leagues in each region. The Barons compete in the Northern Division Two.

The team hold charity games for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

The club has a youth system, which starts at Under-10s.[4] The teams are -

  • Solihull Saints (Under-10s)
  • Solihull Kings (Under-12s)
  • Solihull Flames (Under-14s)
  • Solihull Sabres (Under-16s)
  • Solihull Knights (Under-18s)


Number Player Catches Born
28 England Josh Nicholls Left England
31 England Sam Hewitt Left England
Number Player Shoots Born
6 England Richard Crowe Right England
8 England Ryan Selwood Right England
10 England Daniel Harrison Right England
22 England Phil Knight Right England
24 England Perry Doyle Left England
27 England Kieran Papps Right England
84 Canada Mike Roger Left Canada
Number Player Shoots Born
4 England Dave Rogers Left England
7 England Joe Henry Right England
11 England Eddy Eaton Left England
14 Slovakia Thomas Janak Left Slovakia
16 England Andrew Whitehouse Left England
17 England Rich Slater Right England
18 England Simon Harrison Right England
19 England Rob Eley Right England
20 Slovakia Erik Bakalar Left Slovakia
21 England Jake Larkin Right England
40 England Josh Bruce Right England
79 England Thomas Soar Right England
97 England Connor Hubbuck Right England



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