Souparnika River

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Souparnika River.
Tranquil waters of Souparnika River.

Souparnika River is a river flowing through Kundapur and Gangolli in western India. It joins with the Varahi River, Kedaka River, Chakra River, and Kubja River and merges into the Arabian Sea. It is one of the biggest rivers in Karnataka. It is considered very auspicious to bath in this river. It is a very famous Holy river of Pilgrimages in Mookambika temple, Kollur

It is a believed that Garuda (eagle) called Suparna performed penance on the banks of the river and attained salvation hence the name Sawparnika. It is also believed that river absorbs the elements of 64 different medicinal plants and roots as it flows, therefore it cures all the diseases of those who bath in it.

Distances from Kollur[edit]

1. : 40 km 2. Udupi: 80 km 3. Murudeshwara: 55 km 4. Mangalore: 140 km 5. Bangalore: 405 km (via Shimoga) 6. Sringeri: 115 km