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Stephanie Bendixsen
Born (1985-03-31) 31 March 1985 (age 29)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Television Presenter
Years active 2009–present
Known for Good Game
Good Game website

Stephanie Bendixsen (born 31 March 1985) is an Australian television presenter. She is best known as one of the presenters of the video game review shows Good Game, Good Game: Spawn Point and Good Game: Pocket Edition, where she goes by the gamertag "Hex". All three shows are produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for their channels ABC2 and ABC3.

Early life[edit]

Bendixsen was born in Sydney, Australia. As a child she moved with her family to Auckland, New Zealand where she lived until the age of nine, when she moved back to Australia.[1] In adolescence, her parents refused to let her play any form of video games, and as such, she would sneak out of home to her friends' places to play games with them. Bendixsen has noted that never being allowed to play games as a young person only drove her more towards having a serious passion about them later on in life.[2] Finally, after high school, she was able to build her own powerful personal computer, one that would play most games at the maximum graphical setting. Bendixsen, after being withheld from gaming during the majority of her childhood, had to re-live what most people had experienced in her age group, in a shorter time span, and played as many games as her time schedule allowed. Obsessed with documenting her own life, Bedixsen has kept a diary since the age of six, further influencing her love for journalism.[3]


Good Game[edit]

In 2009, the ABC ran a nationwide search for television presenters to host a new kids channel, ABC3. Bendixsen auditioned for one of the positions, however while shooting her audition video she discovered that the ABC2 video game review show Good Game[4] was also looking for a presenter. She was approached by the ABC for the Good Game presenter role after auditioning for the role of a judge on ABC 3's talent search Me on 3. She had previously approached and met her co-host, Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell, as a fan of the show, prior to becoming a presenter at an ABC convention while auditioning for other roles. Being a long-time fan of the show herself,[5] she applied for and won the role, replacing former host Jeremy Ray.[6] Bendixsen also became a co-host for the show's spin-off Good Game: Spawn Point, on ABC3 aimed at younger audiences.[7] She has since been invaluable to the Good Game team, spanning a career of close to five years, having skills in editing, presenting, writing, and acting. With her calm, quirky and approachable demeanor, she was quickly likened by the entire staff and production crew at both the ABC and her close-knit friends - the Good Game production team. Her role has also given the show a boost in audience numbers as the years have progressed, and has given the show a more casual approach to gaming, while still maintaining the hardcore elements that make the show so in-depth for the non-casual viewer. She has been instrumental in giving a voice to the Australian female gamer, and providing awareness to such issues as closing the gap between a male, and female gamer. As well as this, Bendixsen, along with her co-host Bajo, played a pivotal role in creating awareness surrounding the issue of the R18+ rating for games in Australia, which has since been implemented.[8]

On 26 October 2009, she made her debut for Good Game[4] and its new show Good Game: Spawn Point on 20 February 2010[9] alongside current host Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell. She also currently hosts Good Game: Pocket Edition. With now over 50,000 fans on Facebook alone, Hex proves to be popular amongst viewers of the show, with Bajo only receiving 8,000 likes.[10]


Bendixsen also writes a monthly gaming column for Dolly magazine.[11]

She acted in an online mini-series called People You May Know.[12]

Personal life[edit]

Bendixsen's Gamertag "Hex" came from her love of spellcasters in role-playing games, and their common attribute in a spell called "Hex", whereby an enemy would be afflicted by a curse which usually would cause damage or immobilize its current state. Since then, Hex has had a love for playing more stealth-based characters, such as a Rogue or Thief, but chooses to keep the name as an alias, or nickname.[3]

Bendixsen's hobbies include gaming, horse-riding, singing and art. As an aside, Bendixsen has also picked up the skill of archery, and is known to practice this on a regular basis. She enjoys viewing fantasy shows, and has been known to cosplay as characters on several occasions at conventions or gatherings with like-minded people.[13]

Bendixsen has been known to share comedic pictures with her cats, Gandalf and Merlin, on various social networking sites.[citation needed]


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