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Sven Nikola Stojanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Свен Никола Стојановић) (born 14 November 1969) is a Swedish director of Serbian origin mostly involved with Swedish TV productions, notably Melodifestivalen.

Stojanović directed and produced Melodifestivalen 2008, Melodifestivalen 2009 and Melodifestivalen 2010 and also worked as director of the Melodifestivalen 2003, Melodifestivalen 2004, Melodifestivalen 2005, Melodifestivalen 2006, Melodifestivalen 2007 and Eurovision Song Contest 2008 held in Belgrade, Serbia. He has previously directed the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and also co-produced with Marius Bratten the ESC 2000 when it was held in Stockholm.

He has directed Swedish shows like Fotbollsgalan, Grammis, Guldbagge Awards, and Idrottsgalan (athletic awards), as well as the first ever live HDTV production in Sweden in 2006.

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