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Swarajati is a form in Carnatic music, which is helpful before learning a varnam. It has pallavi, sometimes an anupallavi, and at least one charanam. The themes of swarajathis are usually either bhakthi, love or courage. It is a composition which usually has a pleasing melody and are suitable for singing in early lessons, musical concerts and dance concerts. Swarajatis have been composed in numerous raagas - Bilahari, Hamsadhvani, Kalyani, Janjuti, Kamach, etc.[1]

Bilahari swarajati[edit]

Arohana: sr2g3pd2s Avarohana: sn3d2pm1g3r2s


|s--r g-p- d-S- n-d-| p-dmgrs | rsnds-s- ||


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