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Swindon Wildcats
Swindon Wildcats Logo.jpg
League English National Ice Hockey League
Founded 2005
Arena Link Centre, Swindon
Capacity 1,250
Town Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
Team Colours Black, White & Red
Player/Head coach - align="center" Team Captain / Coach |- align="center" Team Manager Steve Nell
Website SwindonWildcats.com

The Swindon Wildcats (NIHL) are a British ice hockey team, who works as development team from Swindon Wildcats. The team currently play in the ENIHL South Division 2, having won promotion in the 2009-2010 season but were relegated in the 2010-2011 season.

2011–12 Team Roster[edit]

# Player Status Hometown
47 United Kingdom Kevin McGurk Re-signed Swindon
44 United Kingdom Rachel Pullen Play Up Swindon
# Player Status Hometown
02 United Kingdom Ryan Martin Signed Swindon
05 United Kingdom Robin Davidson Signed Swindon
06 United Kingdom Thomas Asprey Re-signed Swindon
08 United Kingdom Andrew Coakley Re-signed Swindon
09 United Kingdom Grant Bailey Signed Swindon
12 United Kingdom Daniel Sullivan Re-signed Swindon
18 United Kingdom Lewis Neal Re-signed Swindon
19 United Kingdom John Spence Re-signed Swindon
22 United Kingdom Lee Beardsmore Signed Swindon
29 United Kingdom Ryan "Rico" Richards Signed Swindon
40 United Kingdom Adam Coakley Signed Swindon
57 United Kingdom Ian Clark (A) Signed Swindon
64 United Kingdom David Lovejoy Signed Swindon
81 United Kingdom Luke Merrick Re-signed Bristol
88 United Kingdom Chris Moore Re-signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Matt Crouch Signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Josh Dolphin Re-signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Dan Pettit Re-signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Jordan Smith Re-signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Floyd Taylor Signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Ryan Taylor Signed Swindon
?? United Kingdom Pip Young Signed Swindon

Former players[edit]

  • British Yousif Abu Saada
  • British Adam Andrew
  • British Daniel Arbon
  • British Alan Armour
  • British Alasdair Barrow
  • British Lee Burden
  • British Ryan Burgess
  • British James Burnett
  • British Drew Chapman
  • British Brian Clark
  • British Dave Collins
  • British Joe Dickens
  • British Sam Feeney
  • CanadianKen Forshee
  • British Nick Gallagher
  • British Scott Gough
  • British Martyn Gray
  • British James Griffin
  • British Rhodri Jones
  • British Matt Lawday
  • British David Lovejoy
  • British Ollie Lansdown
  • Irish Ciaran Long
  • Irish Shannon Long
  • British Cliff Moore
  • British Jamie Newton
  • British Joe Oliver
  • British Josh Oliver
  • American Dan Prachar
  • British Daniel Smith
  • British Lewis Smith
  • British Mike Smith
  • British Loris Taylor
  • British Shannon Taylor
  • British Jamie Thompson
  • British Stephen Whitfield


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