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Type Subsidiary of ACCO Brands
Founded 1925 (New York City)
Headquarters Lincolnshire, Illinois

Swingline is a division of ACCO Brands Corporation that specializes in manufacturing staplers and hole punches. The company was formerly located in Long Island City, Queens, New York, United States, but is now headquartered with its parent company ACCO in Lincolnshire, Illinois.


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The Swingline 747 Rio Red

Swingline was founded in 1925 in New York City by Jack Linsky. At that time, it was known as the Parrot Speed Fastener Company and opened its first manufacturing facility in Long Island City in 1931. Eight years later the company changed its name to Speed Products and, more importantly, created a product that revolutionized stapling. This new stapler opened up on top to allow an office worker to easily drop in a full strip of staples. This design quickly became the industry standard. In 1956 the company was renamed Swingline and sold to American Brands in 1970,[1] which later became a division of ACCO under Fortune Brands in 1987. Today, Swingline is a division of the ACCO Brands Corporation and all present production is located in China.


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