TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School

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TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School
View of the Office Building principal's cabin
Motto : This is My School, make me proud of it, make it proud of me
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
School type Private, Higher secondary
Established 1972
Principal Mr.Ramesh
Faculty 201
Grades Nursery-Twelfth Grade
Enrollment 4,906 (as of 2009)
Student to teacher ratio 24:1
Campus size 6.1 Hectares
Campus type Suburban
Information 0452-2694040,2692804

TVS Matriculation Hr. Sec. School was established in year the 1972 and functioned just with 40 students initially.It provides education to the inhabitants of Madurai and its surroundings.The curriculum offered was changed from CBSE to Matriculation syllabus to fulfill the expectations of the parents. It is governed by a council named Lakshmi Vidya Sangham constituted by the descendants of the founder of the TVS Group T. V. Sundaram Iyengar. The school has a strength of about 4,906 pupils,201 teaching staff and extra parent tutors. The school functions in two shifts for all the classes from the lower kinder garden to Std XII. There is also a separate nursery school for the nursery children which is very near to the main campus.


The School is located in the District of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The School follows the Matriculation Syllabus till standard X and follows state board syllabus for standard XII.

Lakshmi Vidya Sangham[edit]

Lakshmi Vidya Sangham, named after Srimathi. Lakshmi Ammal, wife of T. V. Sundaram Iyengar is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and amended by Madras Act XXXIV of 1954 on June 6, 1964.The present TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, originally known as TVS LAKSHMI MARTICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, was a "dream child of LVS". In the year 1972, this school was registered with just 40 students. Today TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School boasts of 4,700 students. Shri. N. Sundram was the first correspondent and then in the year 1968, the correspondentship was held by Shri. K. Surya Narayanan. The curriculum offered was changed from CBSE to Matriculation Syllabus to fulfill the expectations

Committee Members[edit]

Executive Committee :

  • Shri. K. Ramesh-Member
  • Shri. R. Haresh-Member
  • Shri. R. Naresh-Member
  • Shri. Ms. Shobhana Ramachandran-Secretary and Treasurer(Chairman, TVS Schools)
  • Shri. K. Gopalan-Member
  • Shri. V. Janakarajan-Member(Correspondent)

School Committee :

  • Shri. R. Srinivasan- Chairman
  • Shri. Mrs.Uma Ramesh-Secretary

Working of the School[edit]

The School works in Two Shifts, commonly called as the FORENOON (FN) Shift and the AFTERNOON (AN) Shift.

Forenoon Shift[edit]

The Forenoon Shift works between 7.00 AM and 12.20 PM. Students from the interior of the Madurai town and the other part of the city, past the vaigai river are enrolled in this shift to the most, for the reason that to avoid the peak hour traffic in the evening. The Bus fleet works mostly for this shift enabling this shift utilizing the bus service the most. almost 95% of the fleet is used for transporting the FN Shift students.

Afternoon Shift[edit]

The Afternoon Shift works between 12.40 and 6.00 PM. The Students residing near the School (TVS Nagar) and other nearby areas are enrolled in this shift to the most. The bus service is utilized only for less than 4 areas, Thirunagar, which has the highest population in the AN Shift bus service, SS Colony,Kalavasal etc..,

The School Campus-Gallery[edit]

The View of the South Wing
The View of the South Wing
The View of the School Mainbuilding
The Main Block
The Craft Hall Building
The Craft Hall Building

Transport Facilities[edit]

More than 20 buses ply around the city, making it the largest school bus service in the Madurai City. The Forenoon Shift utilizes more than 75% of the bus service to areas past Periyar Bus Stand.

A Part of the Bus Bay
A part of the Bus Bay where the buses are parked and the bus facility using students board the bus
The Bus Bay

The School has a large bus bay to park the buses and this place is used for boarding the bus using students. The Bus Service is managed by a separate Committee headed by Mr.Kumaran. The buses are under contract from the provider named Senthamarai Agency, located near Tiruparankunram.The buses have one conductor each to conduct the proceedings of the bus.


Commodious buildings spread over fifteen acres (6.1 hectares) of land. The Lab facilities are believed to be one of the finest in the country and the school has a separate newly built block for the science labs but the ground floor which has the library. The newly built block has a well equipped library which has a number of books from a wide array of topics, the library is comparable to many well known colleges.The school also has e-pathshalas to teach the students more effectively. It is the first school in Madurai to introduce e-pathshalas, Using which teachers can show videos, animations to the students from the classroom. There are nearly four e-pathshalas in the school campus.

TVSMHSS is one among the few schools in Madurai to have a very good infrastructure. The Office block has the Principal's Cabin, Director's Cabin, the V.P.'s cabin and the office.

There are two main wings of classrooms near the office, the south wing and the north wing which have access by three fleets of staircases, each have one and both can be accessed by the main staircase. The south wing and north wing have two floors each. The south wing has the 10th and 9th standard classrooms respectively and the north wing has the 12th and 11th standard class rooms respectively.

The Other part of the campus has the craft hall building which has a single floor, the ground floor has the craft hall which is used to host many functions and student meetings. The first floor has the exam halls which are used to conduct the daily tests for classes X and XII, monthly tests for classes IX and XI. This floor has one e-pathshalas in EH 7.

The Block opposite to the craft hall has two floors, the ground floor has the EH (Old Chem Lab), Control room, Teachers Orientations Room and the EH1, the first floor has the Audio Visual Room, The ERP Room, The Middle Level Staff room, and e-pathshalas, and EH 2. The Second floor has the 8th standard classrooms and EH3.

The Open Air Auditorium is an Open Air Stage used for hosting mega functions like the Annual Day, LOSA and other events like "Felicitating the Toppers",etc.., It is also used as a gymnasium used for the activity classes.

The New Building was built later and it has the middle level classes.The New building also has the Open Air Auditorium.

The South Wing
The South Wing
Main Staircase
The Main Staircase showing the School Toppers in Matriculation and Higher Secondary 2nd Year
The Office
The Office Block
The Open Air Auditorium
The Open Air Auditorium
The Lab Block
The Lab Block
craft hall
The View of Craft hall from the 8th standard Corridor

Audio-Visual lab[edit]

The school is equipped with all teaching aids like TV, VCR, Slide Projector, OHP, LCD, Film Projector, Working Models, Preserved exhibits, e-pathsalas, The Audio Visual lab is one of the advanced in the state.

About the curriculum[edit]

The curriculum until the 1980s was CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) up to X std. and Hr. Sec. (2 years after Std X) - State Govt curriculum. After 1982 CBSE was replaced with the Matriculation stream. After 2012 we Matriculation was replaced by Samacheer Kalvi

The Montessori system is in place at the Preschool education and Kindergarten levels.

now SBC or Skill Based Curriculum developed by the TVS faculty is followed for the students of 1-8. It uses the Matriculation books but the teaching method is entirely different.

System Of Assessment:

Classes I to III:

Children of classes I, II and III are not exposed to exams but they are assessed after each topic is introduced. The students are assessed on every topic based on their comprehending skills, reading skills, writing skills and analyzing skills through work sheets and activities. Grades are given according to their performance.

Classes IV to VIII:

The academic year comprises 3 check tests and 3 terminal examinations. The check test for classes is conducted before a month of Terminal exams and the terminal examinations are held in the months of September (Quarterly),December (Half yearly) and March (Annual).

Classes IX and XI:

5 Monthly tests per year are conducted with 3 terminal examinations for class XI - District wise common annual examination is conducted at the end of the year For class IX the monthly test is computed for 40% marks and the scores of the three terminal examinations for 20% each.

Classes X and XII:

The system of Daily tests were introduced in the academic year 2008-09, in which it turned out successful and it is continued till date, but the system has been improvised year by year by increasing the number of tests and the way they are organised, they are usually conducted in the newly alloted exam halls ranging from EH 1 to EH 7, EH 1 to EH 3 were existing ones, while the rest were converted into exam halls from the old library, old chemistry lab, old middle level staff room and others. Approximately 12 tests are conducted per year with 2 terminal examinations Two revision tests for class XII and three revision tests for class X are conducted Board exams during March - April for X and XII.

The Extra Curricular Activities[edit]

The School believes in Extracurricular activity activities and the extra curricular activities include music, Taekwondo, Arts and crafts, Clay modelling, yoga, gymnastics, Roller skating, theatre arts, classical dance, school band and other sports like tennis, football, basketball, badminton etc., The school always supports extra curricular activities with involvement. The school is famous for its quizzing culture. Over the years, it has produced a bunch of talented quizzers and it has topped many THE HINDU Young World Quizzes in the District and National levels.taekwondo is best taught here.

The Physical Education Department[edit]

The Physical Education Teachers (P.E.T) are the faculty of this department. All outdoor and indoor games preferred by students like cricket are encouraged. The playground has various courts like Basketball court, Badminton court, Throw ball court, volleyball court, ball badminton court, and the main part consists of the football cum hockey field. Field hockey is not played anymore in the school, and it has been since 2005.

There are also various other courts which are separated from the main play ground such as the Tennis Court which is present near the Science park and the Two Ball badminton courts which can be converted from the Roller skating ground (cemented quadrangle).


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The Skating Ground[edit]

The Roller skating ground was the first of its kind in Madurai District when it was started using, it is also known as the Cemented Quadrangle. The Skating ground is huge but the rink is small, the skating ground can also be used as Ball badminton Courts. Many students actively participate in the skating classes which are conducted weekly, once every Sunday. In addition students of class 4-8 also attend the activity classes within the school hours.

Sporting Events[edit]

The school has a spacious playground where various sporting events are held throughout the year. The main events are LVS Sports Meet, LOSA Competitions, Lakshmi Trophy, Intra-Murals etc.,

The LVS Sports Meet is a mega sporting event in which whole of the Lakshmi Vidya Sangham Participates. In this the various schools of the group participates. The most successful school to win the overall trophy has been The TVS Higher Secondary School (Sundaram School). The LVS hosts various sporting displays from the primary to the higher level.

The Intra Murals is the competitions played between the different houses of two standards. The combinations are 7th std and 8th std ; 9th std and 10th std ; 11th and 12th std.

The National Flag in its Colour during the LVS sports display
The National Flag in its Colour during the LVS sports display

Various Committees[edit]

The School has various committees functioning under the school management for the better management of the school. Various committees are The Discipline Committee, The Examination Committee, etc..,

The Student Council[edit]

The Student council is a student body being run by the students for the welfare and improvement of the student community in the school. The Council is headed by the heads and vice-heads of the Shifts. The Student Council consists of the prefects of each class, active involvement is from class 8-12.Each class has two prefects, a boy and a girl. There are also various other monitors who are responsible for various things like electricity conservation, black board maintenance, furniture maintenance,etc.., These monitors come under the Prefects, but are not included in the hierarchy of the student council.The members of the student council are the representatives of the student community. They frame rules, principles,etc.., for their own community and implement it. The management has empowered the student council to bring in a prominent change in the school recently[when?]. The Vice Heads are nominated while they enter HSC 1st Year and they succeed their heads as heads when they enter HSC 2nd Year.

Other activities[edit]

The computer is used effectively as a teaching tool right from Std I. A large number of educational CDs on a wide range of topics are made available for the students.

A 'Quality Circle', with teams of teachers and students, works on unearthing solutions for innumerable problems, besides identifying scope for further improvement. The QC teams have presented their case study at National & International conventions of QCFI and have bagged numerous awards.

Teacher Training Centre[edit]

A full-time Teacher Training Centre called LTTC (Laksmi Teacher Training Centre) is available.

Purpose : To organise training sessions for all the teachers of the school on various topics of academic interest for consistent academic reinforcement. Besides teaching, methodology courses and workshops are organised throughout the year on areas like attitudes, values, communication skills, reading habit etc. Probably the only centre of its kind functioning in a Matriculation Hr. Sec. School in the state.


LOSA - Lakshmi Old Students Association,is the alumni association of TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School. It has taken the role of conducting inter-school cultural and sports competitions amongst schools, from the city and around the state. The Cultural festival organized by LOSA is considered to be the grandest school cultural fest in Madurai which evokes participation from schools all across the state. The next cultural will be conducted between the 16–18 July 2010 organised by 2007 pass-out students. A marathon was held to create social awareness on "female Infanticide" on first week of July 2010.The Silver Jubilee was celebrated in a fitting manner in 2011. It will continue to grow and serve all alumni of the institution. The reunion of 1990 batch students held in the school campus in the last year in the name of ROOTS90 ( Reunion Of Old Tvs Students 1990). More than 80 students all over the world came together & shared their feelings with the teachers & friends. On 19th July 2014 the old students of batch 1989 conducted the Silver Jubilee in a grand manner. After the teachers felicitation, a magic show was conducted by Prakash Savkoor. Mr. Sukumar and Mr. Raja were instrumental in this getting together of more than 70 old students from all over the globe.

Fee structure[edit]

The school offers quality education at competitive fee structure. In addition, children of TVS Group employees enjoy a further subsidised fee charge.


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