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Croydon Council's Taberner House offices

Taberner House housed the main offices of Croydon London Borough Council until September 2013 (see "Building Use"). It is located in Croydon, London, close to the old town hall, now known as the Croydon Clocktower.


Taberner House was built between 1964 and 1967, designed by architect H. Thornley, with Allan Holt and Hugh Lea as borough engineers. Although the Croydon Corporation had needed extra space since the 1920s, it was only with the imminent creation of the London Borough of Croydon that action was taken. It has its upper slab block narrowing towards both ends. It was named after Ernest Taberner OBE, Town Clerk from 1937 to 1963.

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 a 28-year-old man was arrested in connection with arson and public order offences following a fire at Taberner House. Staff were evacuated from the building for three hours after smoke was spotted coming from a ground floor toilet. The man was bailed to return to Croydon police station at a later date pending further inquiries.[1]

Taberner House in one of its many moods

Building use[edit]

Taberner House houses most of the council's central employees and its 'one-stop shop' is the main location for the public to access information and services. In 2013, all of the council's services will move to the new PSDH (Public Services Delivery Hub) being built next to Taberner House. The build covers more ground space[clarification needed] but only rises 14 storeys on the highest core. No exact use has been approved for Taberner House when it closes, but its demolition is to happen and there is speculation[by whom?] that affordable[clarification needed] housing will be built there, again as a high-rise tower.

In September 2013 Croydon Council moved their main offices into the new adjacent building, named Bernard Weatherill House, after the Late former local MP & Speaker of the House of Commons. As of April 2014 demolition of Taberner House is underway. The site is expected to be used for housing.[2]


Coordinates: 51°22′17″N 0°05′52″W / 51.3714°N 0.0977°W / 51.3714; -0.0977