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The table of precedence of Sarawak[1] is a hierarchy of important positions within the government of Sarawak. It has no legal standing and usable to dictate ceremonial protocol.

Table of precedence of Sarawak[edit]

Some incumbents as of 2013 listed.

  1. The governor of state
  2. The chief minister of state
  3. Former governors of state, in order of their departure from office -
    1. Abdul Rahman Ya'kub (1985)
  4. Grand commanders of the Star of Sarawak (SBS).
  5. Former state chief ministers, in order of their departure from office -
    1. Abdul Rahman Ya'kub (26 March 1981)
  6. Speaker of the state legislature
  7. The grand commanders of the Star of Hornbill (DP).
  8. Federal ministers among Sarawakians
  9. Ministers of state
  10. Ambassadors and high commissioners
  11. Former governors of other states
  12. Chief judge of the high court in Sabah and Sarawak; and judges of the court of appeal
  13. The secretary of state
  14. Judges of the high court and judicial commissioners
  15. Federal deputy ministers among Sarawakians
  16. Junior ministers of state
  17. Foreign consuls -
    1. Consul General of China in Sarawak
    2. Consul General of Brunei in Sarawak
    3. Consul General of Indonesia in Sarawak
  18. Commanders of the Most Distinguished Order of the Defender of the State (PMN)
  19. The super commanders of the Star of Hornbill (DA)
  20. Commanders of the Distinguished Order of Loyalty to the Crown of Malaysia (PSM)
  21. Federal Secretary to Sarawak
  22. Attorney general of state
  23. State finance secretary
  24. Deputy secretaries of state
  25. Chairperson, state public service commission
  26. Chairperson, state Islamic council
  27. The state mufti
  28. City mayors -
    1. Mayor of Kuching South City Council
    2. Mayor of Kuching North City Hall
    3. Mayor of Miri City Council
  29. Admiral of 2nd Navy Region
  30. State police commissioner
  31. National commanders of the Star of Sarawak (PNBS)
  32. Commanders of the Distinguished Order of Meritorious Service (PJN)
  33. The glorious commanders of the Star of Hornbill (PGBK)
  34. The datuks from the other states
  35. Recipients of the Sarawak Order of Merit (DJBS)
  36. Loyal commanders of the Star of Sarawak (PSBS)
  37. Federal senators
  38. Federal representatives
  39. Members of the state legislature
  40. Honorary foreign representatives
  41. Resident of Kuching Division
  42. Vice chancellor, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
  43. Municipal chairmen
  44. Deputy attorney general of the state
  45. Deputy state finance secretary
  46. Permanent secretaries of the state ministries
  47. Residents of divisions
  48. Deputy vice-chancellors of UNIMAS
  49. Director of public higher education institutions in Sarawak
  50. Chairpersons of the boards and corporations
  51. Deputy state police commissioner
  52. Army brigadiers
  53. Marshal of 4th Air Division
  54. Directors of departments, government agencies and general managers of the government-owned companies
  55. Political secretaries


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