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list of surgeons[edit]

  • It is not appropriate to link Physicians personal/commercial websites to either biographic or descriptive articles. Too much potential for conflicts of interestDroliver 04:15, 19 September 2006 (UTC)
  • Recently, the list of surgeons has been removed by Droliver without discussion or note in these talk pages, with the claim that it is promotional. I disagree with the characterization of the physician list. I do not believe it promotes any given surgeon when all the major such surgeons are listed. In this context I do not believe this list is at all promotional. Those surgeons hardly need promotion, when their waiting lists are already six months or more deep. I also believe it is important to list these people so that nobody ever gets the misimpression that such surgery is performed primarily by anyone other than reputable, accredited plastic surgeons who are members of the ASPS and other relevant organizations. In this specific case, I also believe that it is important to humanize the existence of this surgery with the names of its actual practitioners. Let us not disappear the FFS surgeons to an anonymous status, when the work they do is so vitally important to its recipients. Removal of the surgeon list also decreases the verifiability of this article's contents. (That is another matter which should be addressed - this article needs some reference citations at its end.) There may be another reasons that the list of names should be maintained. Please feel free to add to the list. I will wait to restore this list until others have had an opportunity express there opinions. Janniejdoe 01:28, 20 September 2006 (UTC)
  • In this instance I don't believe there is much potential for conflict of interest. First, none of the surgeon's themselves appear in involved in the creation or maintenance of this page. Second, the page provides basic general information. Third, most of the well known practitioners are listed and provided in alphabetical order. Fourth, the listed surgeons are hardly in need of "extra" business, since of all them have quite long waiting lists. Fifth, their potential patients are generally internet connected and quite likely to utilize searches to locate informaton about them. Sixth, given the nature of this particular type of surgery, and the generous people who perform it often at risk of criticism from some biased groups, should not be hidden from view or made to appear marginalized in any way. Janniejdoe 01:47, 20 September 2006 (UTC)

Surgical procedures[edit]

I run a website where I advise people on FFS and have some experience in this area. I feel that the list of procedures was overly technical, repetitious and contains procedures which are not feminisation. I will give some examples: Terms like “submalar augmentation” may go over the heads of many lay readers and I feel they should be replaced by terms like “cheek implants” which describe the same thing in terms that almost anyone can understand. “Submalar augmentation” would be more appropriate on a page specifically discussing the technicalities of cheek implants. The terms: • Rhinoplasty • Nasal tip and nasal alar refinement • Nasal Dorsum reduction • Osteotomy of the bony pyramid of the nose ...are in fact all rhinoplasty. Again, I feel that the technical specifics of rhinoplasty like “osteotomy of the bony pyramid” would be better placed on a page about rhinoplasty rather than a page giving an overview of FFS. Finally, procedures like neck lift are not FFS even though they are often performed at the same time. With all this in mind I have completely re-written the list of procedures to eliminate the unnecessary technical terms, repetitions and non FFS procedures (though I have included at the bottom some of the non-FFS procedures that are often performed at the same time). The list now contains 11 procedures instead of the original 21 and I’ve also included the basic reasoning behind the procedures.

I have made other revisions too: I have removed the section reffering to FFS having often "amazing results" because although I agree with this sentiment, I feel this is opinion and not appropriate in an encyclopedia entry. I have included hair transplantation within FFS as it is now often performed by FFS surgeons as part of FFS. I have also included a mention of the people who seek FFS. Finally, I have removed the reference to FFS surgeons being less common than SRS surgeons as I know of no evidence to support this. Shoebill 12:54, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Revising external links[edit]

  • I believe it is important to list the well-known, accredited, practitioners of this rarified, medical specialty. The list will never be long because of its rarified nature. I also believe it is important to provide what may be redundant explanations of various terms, because this is a general ^pedia, whose audience may not be entirely familiar with the subject matter.user:janniejdoe
  • I just linked the Lawrence and BeginningLife FFS pages directly, and replaced the linkspam added on 03:58, 29 July 2005 by User:Shwilk to a site promoting Jeffrey Spiegel. The site in question [1] lifts most of its content from the FFS section on my site at [2] Jokestress 15:34, 25 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Looks fine to me - Ali-oops 16:48, 25 February 2006 (UTC)
Removing same site again for same reason. Compare my original page [3] with this site's copy of my original page. [4] Jokestress 21:20, 2 April 2006 (UTC)
  • I Would like to remove BeginningLife FFS pages link for a number of reasons, the link is broken and since the site promotes only doctors that pay for space on there pages it would fall under a spam. Another issue with the BeginningLife site is that they do not allow anyone to talk about problems they have had from surergy preformed by Douglas Ousterhout. I am adding Trinity Rose's [5] ffs procedures to the external links since it does cover the procedures very well and does list the sourse of information. 15 May, 2008 Freeinfoforall

  • Another item I would like to cover is that there are a alot more FFS surgeons then people want to admit to since it takes business away from who ever they think is the best doctor. Take a look at Trinity's FFS and SRS surgeon list [6] and you can find tons on there. I can pick out 15 surgeons that do FFS from there easy. 15 May, 2008 Freeinfoforall —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:40, 15 May 2008 (UTC)

Information.svg Please refrain from making unconstructive edits to Wikipedia. Your edits appeared to constitute vandalism and have been reverted. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. 

Reverted external links. Because user Alison was not NPOV for several reasons. User did not take the time to discuss removal of link in question [7] here is the discussions page, User did not follow [8]Wikipedia:External links guideline for removing links]. Trinity's Facial Feminization Surgery FFS procedures link [9] lists informational contrubations by noted Facial Feminization Surgery FFS doctors/surgeons like:

This Surgeon Dr. Gary Alter (Who has preformed Facial Feminization Surgery and Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)thousands of people Has also been a featured Plastic surgeon on "Doctor 90210 the TV series".

There is also noted Feminization Surgery FFS surgeon Dr. Mark Zukowski (There have been a great many debates between Dr. Douglas Ousterhout and Dr. Mark Zukowski about facial feminization surgery procedures for the fast five years) Another note of interest is Trinity's facial feminization surgery was presented case study by Dr. Mark Zukowski. Dr. Mark Zukowski Has also been a featured Pastic surgeon on "MTV's I Want A Famus Face the TV series".

Also there is Dr. Yvon Menard And Dr. Pierre Brassard Who are extremely well know for both Facial Feminization Surgery and Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

There are others Also.

There are more references and detail on [10] Trinity's Link] then there are offered on the wikipedia's Facial Feminization Surgery article. You have to ask yourself why a link of such high merit for the page itself was removed and think to yourself something is wrong. A noted of interest is that if you take a look at the Facial Feminization Surgery article and you will notice there is a dead link for Noted as "Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Info and Links (with photo gallery)" which is a dead link and I noted this above on this talk page on 15 May, 2008 and I thought it needed to be removed and asked for opinions before I do so.

You also have to question the intention of user Alison because the user removed a live link with so much helpful information per [11]Wikipedia:External links guideline]and without checking this page first. Then you also have to question the same user over leaving the dead link for Noted as "Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Info and Links (with photo gallery)" in the page. This may or may not suggest a personal bias towards the author Trinity Rose of the site [12] Trinity's FFS Procedures Page]

Alison is Becky Allison of Noted of interests to NPOV has a vested interest in promoting Douglas Ousterhout which is evident by the copyrighted works by Douglas K. Ousterhout, M.D., D.D.S. on her website The same content is used by Douglas K. Ousterhout, M.D., D.D.S. to promote his practice and this very much sugests a working relationship either in the past or present. Also User has had Facial Feminizing Surgery with Douglas K. Ousterhout which is no big secret. Users site is also in direct competion with Trinity's for user ratings which would also suggest this was not NPOV.

It is also no big secret there is a bias towards Trinity or her site by fans or promoters of Douglas K. Ousterhout's practice since Trinity wrote about her bad surgery experience with him Trinity's FFS with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout

All I have done is presented th facts noting more and I have provided proof of the facts.

18 May, 2008 Freeinfoforall

Stop hand nuvola.svg This is the last warning you will receive for your disruptive edits.
Any further vandalism will result in your being blocked from editing Wikipedia. Stop hand nuvola.svg This is the last warning you will receive for your disruptive edits, such as the one you made to Facial_feminization_surgery.
Any further vandalism will result in your being blocked from editing Wikipedia. Please Please I beg of Wikipedia please lock this page and please remove it from any admins that tries useing it to promote the views of only one doctor views based on money or based on the agenda of controling the market for Facial feminization surgery. Signed by User:Freeinfoforall

  • Reverted external links. Because popups not restricted [13]Wikipedia:External links guideline for removing links]. User did not follow

[14]Wikipedia:External links guideline for removing links].

User AliceJMarkham and user Alison Did and even click on the link of the link to see what the link was about they just seen that the site was about Trinity and undid th edits. How do I know this you are asking yourself. This is because I made a mistake when did a copy from one of the origeral links there * " Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Info and Links" (with photo gallery), And I forgot to edit the website address address code of the code to place in Trinity website address so it turnd out like this * " Trinity's Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Procedures Info"

If you tried in clicking on Trinity's Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Procedures Info you woud end up going to a dead link page for instead of Trinity's Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Procedures Info page at

Take a look at this undo page and you will understand what I am talking about the link would of took them to them to a dead page like I am talking about.

Still both User AliceJMarkham and user Alison left the dead link * Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS) Info and Links (with photo gallery) alone and did not edit it.

There is no NPOV on the Facial feminization surgery artical

Please Please I beg of Wikipedia please lock this page and please remove it from any admins that tries useing it to promote the views of only one doctor views based on money or based on the agenda of controling the market for Facial feminization surgery. Signed by 18 May, 2008 Freeinfoforall

If you look at what Alison and I reverted, [15] and [16], you'll note that the IP editor added a duplication of an existing link and that duplication was reverted. If they were trying to update a dead link, that's not what they did. --AliceJMarkham (talk) 05:07, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
Sysops do not make content decisions. If you have reasonable input from other doctor's and their views, then by all means present them. This doesn't mean conduct a smear campaign against XY doctor, or whatever, it means put in information from those other doctors in a factual, and encyclopedic way. I read Trinity's page, and her experience, it sucks, and it's horrible, and hey, there are a lot of people who suck. I've read numerous glowing reports of a particular plastic surgeon who denied to even give me a consult for breast augmentation, because he "treats the whole person" and that he can deny someone for any reason at any time because it's elective surgery. (Apparently, oblivious that as his services are open to the public, he can't reject patients on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, as dictated in the AMA's ethics guidelines.) Just because one person was treated in a particularly poor way, doesn't mean that person is bad for everyone. I've had to deal with individuals in the trans community (and especially the LGBT community at large) tell me that I need to fix things, that don't need to be fixed, because my actions intrude upon their personal concept of transsexualism. I've been a patient of Anne Lawrence, I would definitely recommend her if you feel you might be autogynephilic, she can do a lot to treat you, however, if you don't subscribe to her trans world view, then you're going to clash heads with her (like I did), if you integrate well with the greater community of your gender of identity, and have little reason to sequester yourself in the trans community or the larger LGBT community as a whole, you're going to get hate from people who disagree with your actions, and feel that you need a strong deep emotional bond with the trans community and LGBT community... it's not enough to simply be a supporter, for some people. By their nature, negative opinions are poorly thought out opinions. You're in such a rush to remember things in a way that support and justify your position that you're quite unlikely to come up with a fair opinion. Likewise, glowing praise should be treated with the same grain of salt. Did Dr. O screw up on Trinity? It's likely hard to say that he didn't. Did she do anything to provoke the situation? She probably did, knowingly or unknowingly. That's how the world happens. Specifically, this article shouldn't target a single surgeon's views about FFS, and should include a consensus view agreeable to all major FFS surgeons. If you think something needs to be fixed, then work on it, rather than plastering a hate-filled, but properly cautionary tale onto the external links of a slightly relevant article. --Puellanivis (talk) 06:03, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
Interesting Puellanivis that you would put things the way you do since it suggesting that Trinity provoked knowingly or unknowingly Dr. Ousterhout to botch her surgery. That would be pure evil. Doctors will refuse to work on a person if they can't agree and thats there right. Everyone who has had a botched surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout and speaks up about it gets attacked by his supporters or Mira Coluccio give hints to some supporters out personal info about the person having the problems. A surgeon who is 80 years old and takes naps in between 8 hours of surgery time is asking for trouble either way. Yes, like most everyone, I was message forums when all the attacks too place on any and everyone who had a problem. The reason people do support Trinity is because Dr. O or Mira have said very nasty things about everyone who has had a botched surgery and try to break them in some way for it. On the other hand they have said very nasty things about most every other FFS doctor out there.

Trinity has not been seen in a very long time besides for a recent video on What you should ask yourself is why does her sites get in the top ten rankings all the time. That is because people are fed up playing the he said she said game with Dr. O about people botched surgery or getting does sugeries fixed. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:44, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

Number of surgeons[edit]

Is this even true anymore? "there seem surprisingly fewer highly experienced and skilled surgeons than those practicing SRS" There are only two major surgeons doing SRS in the United States (for example), but there are four major surgeons offering FFS. --Marumari 20:49, 18 July 2006 (UTC)


Added support group link. However, there are horrible bots around that keep trying to undo it. I have repeatedly reverted their undos. The link is legit, to a non-profit support group whose hosts and members are ffs patients. (talk) 13:56, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

Links to support groups do not comply with our external links guideline, or with the policy 'What wikipedia is not' (not a repository of links section). --- Barek (talkcontribs) - 00:32, 22 March 2008 (UTC)


This article might meet the "B" class guidelines if it had at least one general reference. WhatamIdoing (talk) 02:58, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

Link is not Npov[edit]

Removing the link to Transsexual Road Map Facial Feminization Procedures since it has many Npov issues like having google ads, The site also promotes a book for sale of only one surgeon and also a video for sale by the same surgeon. Plus another Npov issue is that the site author is given money by the same surgeon for events. Too many issues point to a profit being made to have this link here and the views are based on the profits —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 11:33, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

Adding a list of FFS surgeons[edit]

I am thinking about adding this list of FFS surgeons since people make it seen only like three or four doctors preform this surgery and they try to state this as fact, when anyone that has been around Facial Feminization Surgery knows there are over like 30 to 50 surgeons preforming Facial Feminization Surgery and some even do SRS at the same.

Here is a list of the surgeons I want to add and if there are any others people can think of add them to the talk page and lets. Also Thank you to Trinity Rose of compiling a large part of this list.

Dr Bart van de Ven Dr Bart van de Ven Kortrijksesteenweg 28 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Gary J. Alter M.D. 416 North Bedford Drive Suite 400 Beverly Hills, California 90210 Office (310) 275-5566

Dr. Spiegel 720 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 02118 (617) 414-5058

Dr Vartan Mardirossian 600 Heritage drive, Suite 220 Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 624-0900

Robert R. Brink, M.D. 66 Bovet Road San Mateo, CA. 94402 Tel: (650) 570-6066

Dr. Stephen Pincus 4644 Lincoln Blvd. Ste. 409 Marina del Rey, CA. (310) 306-2160

Dr. Eric Bensimon MD. DDS. 1003, St Joseph East Montreal, Québec H2J 1L2 Tel: (514) 288-9988 Fax: (514) 288-9933

Dr. Yvon Menard And Dr. Pierre Brassard 1003 Boul. St-Joseph Est, Montreal, Québec, H2J 1L2 Canada Tel: (514) 288-2097

Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich 1529/4 Onnut 31 Sukumvit 77 Rd. Bangkok 10250, Thailand Tel: +(661) 553-5370

Toby R. Meltzer, M.D. 9700 N. 91st Street, Suite B-115 Scottsdale, AZ. 85258 Tel: (503) 525-9323

Dr. Brian T. Musgrove Consultant Maxillo Facial and Facial Plastic Surgeon National Health Service The Manchester Royal Infirmary Tel: 0161 276 1234 Private Practise The Alexander Hospital Victoria Park Tel: 0161 257 2233 Switchboard Tel: 0161 249 3133 Private Secretary

Dr. A.G. Becking VU medisch centrum De Boelelaan 1117 Postbus 7057 1007 MB Amsterdam Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0) 20 - 444 1150

Dr. Patrick Bui 33 Rue du Champ de Mars Paris 75007 France Tel: 01 44 42 01 50

Dr. Lazaro Cardenas Camerena 1300 Chapalita Ave. Chapalita 44500 Guadalajara, Jalisco México Tel: 011 52 (33) 3121-0983

Dr. Gastón de la Garza Gardel Plastic Surgery Institute Free Consultation Office 2010 N. Bristol Santa Ana, CA. 90241 Tel: 1-800-427-3354 And or Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery of Baja California 4558 Blvd Augua Calinte Suite 1503-A Tores de Agua Caliente, Tijuana

Dr. M.F. Noorman van der Dussen Monica vzw Campus Eeuwfeestkliniek Harmoniestraat 68 2018 Antwerpen Belgium Tel: 00-32-(0) 3-240.26.11 or London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, 15 Harley Street, London W1N 1DA. Tel: 0044 (0)207 636 4272

Dr. Brian Orisek 14651 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 240 Los Gatos, CA 95032-2014 (408) 358-2308

Peter Raphael M.D. 1600 Coit Road #105, Plano, TX. 75075 Tel: (972) 985-0434

William E. Silver, MD Premier Image Center & Laser Surgery P.A. 4553 North Shallowford Road, Suite 20-B Atlanta, GA 30338-6408 Tel: (770) 457-6303

Dr. Ian Carlisle Cabrini Medical Center, Suite 26 Isabella St. Malvern, 3144 Victoria, Australia Phone: (03) 9509 0110

Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirirak Yan Hee General Hospital, 454 CharunsanitwongRoad (Soi 90), Bang-O Bangpad, Bangkok, 10700, Thailand Tel: +66 (0)28790300 Ext 1035

Dr. Kamol Pansritum 668/128 Laksi square Anusawaree Laksi, Bangkane Bangkok Thailand 10130 Tel: 662-521-7193

Dr. Pichet Rodcharoen Division of Plastic surgery Rajavithi Hospital School of Medicine, Rangsit University, 519 Suthisan Rd. Huaikwang District Bangkok 10310 Thailand Tel: +662-690-8080

Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon Preecha Aesthetic Institute, 7th floor, Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, 9/1 Convent Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 Thailand Tel: (662) 251-4720, (662) 632-2540

Dr. Bhumsak Saksri Neo Plastic Surgery Center 199/4 Sammakorn Housing Estate Ramkhamhange Road Bangkok, 10240 THAILAND Tel: +66 1 331-3000 +66 1 625-1572

Dr. D Koppel Craniofacial Surgery, Facial Trauma National Health Service BMI Ross Hall Hospital 221 Crookston Road Glasgow, G52 3NQ Tel: 0141 810 3151 or Private Consultations Glasgow Nuffleld Hospital Beaconsfield Road Glasgow, G12 0PJ Tel: 0141 334 9441

Ernesto P. Caronni Via Monte Napoleone, 8 20121 Milano ITALY

David J. David 226 Melbourne Street North Adelaide, S.A. 5006 AUSTRALIA P: (61)-8-826-71466 F: (61)-8-826-73403

Milton T. Edgerton Dept. Plastic Surgery, Box 376 Univ. Virginia Medical Center Charlottesville, VA 22908 USA P: (804) 924-5068 F: (804) 924-1333

Ian T. Jackson Fisher Center, 3rd Floor 16001 West Nine Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075 USA P: (248) 424-5800 F: (248)-424-5881

Bengt Johanson Frotunagaton 16C S-761 45 Norrtalje SWEDEN P: (46)-176-223-520 F: (46)-176-223-520

Henry K. Kawamoto 1301 20th Street, Suite 460 Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA P: (1-310)-829-0391 F: (1-310)-828-3733

Daniel Marchac 130, rue de la Pompe 75116 Paris FRANCE P: (33)-1-4727-4431 F: (33)-1-4727-6515

Joseph G. McCarthy 722 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021 USA P: (1-212)-628-4420 F: (1-212)-988-7230

Ian R. Munro 7777 Forest Lane Suite C-700 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972)-566-6464

Joseph E. Murray 108 Abbot Road Wellesley Hills, MA 02181 USA P: (781)-235-4356 F: (781)-235-2612

Jorge M. Psillakis Al. Cauaxi 222 ap. 703-B Alphaville 06454-020 Barueri SP BRAZIL P: (55)-42-13-626

Kenneth E. Salyer 7777 Forest Lane, C-717 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972)-566-6555 F: (972)-566-6017

Michel Stricker 13 rue des Magnolias 54130 St. Max FRANCE

Paul Tessier 25 Boulevard d'Autevil 92100 Boulogne Billancourt FRANCE

Linton A. Whitaker 10 Penn Tower 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA P: (215) 662-2048 F: (215) 349-5895

S. Anthony Wolfe 1444 N.W. 14th Avenue Miami, FL 33125 USA P: (305) 325-1300 F: (305) 545-5748

Ti-Sheng Chang Ninth People's Hospital Shanghai 2nd Medical University 639 Zhi-Zao-Ju Road Shanghai CHINA P: (86)-21-6301-6575 F: (86)-21-5456-0862

Prof. Hugo Obwegeser Schwarzenbach im Zelg CH-8603 SWITZERLAND P: (41)-1-825-3293 F: (41)-1-887-1835

Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio Servicio de Cirugia Plastica y Reconstructiva Hospital "Manuel Gea Gonzalez" Calzada de Tlalpan 4800 Mexico, D.F. 14000 MEXICO P: (52)-5-652-8987 F: (52)-5-652-0807

Leslie Farkas The Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8 CANADA P: (416)-813-7514 F: (416)-813-6637

Ian R. Munro 7777 Forest Lane, C-700 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972)-566-6464

Donald A. Simpson 7A Undelcarra Road Burnside SA 5066 AUSTRALIA P: (61)-8-8431-6305 F: (61)-8-8331-9135

Nivaldo Alonso Av Pavao N# 130 Apto 162 Sao Paulo SP SEP Sao Paulo SP 04516-010 BRAZIL P: (55-11) 5092-2230 F: (55-11) 3865-8548

Hans Anderl Anichstr., 35 6020 - Innsbruck AUSTRIA P: (43)-512-504-2730 F: (43)-512-504-2735

Louis C. Argenta Medical Center Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1075 USA P: (336)-716-4416 F: (336)-716-7755

Tanetaka Akizuki Dept. Plast & Reconstr Surgery Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital 2-10-41, Fujimi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8161 JAPAN P: (81)-3-3263-1371 F: (81)-3-5276-6899

Scott P. Bartlett 10 Penn Tower 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA P: (215)-662-2096 F: (215)-349-5895

Stephen R. Beals 500 West Thomas, Ste. 960 Phoenix, AZ 85013 USA P: (602)-266-9066 F: (602)-266-5711

Steven R. Buchman 1500 E. Medical Center Drive F7859 Mott Hospital Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1029 USA P: (734)-763-8063 F: (734)-936-7815

Fernando Burstein Atlanta Plastic Surgery 975 Johnson Ferry Road NE Suite 500 Atlanta, GA 30342 USA P: (404)-256-1311 F: (404)-705-2760

Yu-Ray Chen Chang Gung Memorial Hospital 5, Fu-Hsing St., Kuei-Shan Tao-Yuan, TAIWAN 333 P: (886)-3-3281-200 Ext. 2009 F: (886)-3-328-5507

Steven R. Cohen 8010 Frost Street Suite 412 San Diego, CA 92123 USA P: (858)-292-1075 F: (858)-292-8283

Arlen D. Denny 9000 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53226 USA P: (414)-266-2825 F: (414)-266-2957

Craig R. Dufresne 5530 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 1235 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA P: (301)-654-9151 F: (301)-654-9727

David James Dunaway 55 Harley Street London WIG 8QR ENGLAND P: (44-20) 7436-7565 F: (44-20) 7636-6417

Jeffrey A. Fearon 7777 Forest Lane Suite C-700 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972)-566-6464

Antonio Fuente-del-Campo CAP Interlomas 26 Mexico, 52786 D.F. MEXICO P: (52)-5-568-4153 F: (52)-5-652-6765

David W. Furnas 1310 Stewart Drive, Suite 610 Orange, CA 92868-3857 USA P: (714)-997-4300 F: (714)-997-5759

David G. Genecov International Craniofacial Institute 7777 Forest Lane, Suite C-717 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972) 566-6555 F: (972) 566-6017

Jeffrey A. Goldstein Craniofacial Center RBC Hospital 11100 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106 USA P: (216)-844-4800 F: (216)-844-8587

Joseph S. Gruss Childrens Hospital & Medical Center 4800 Sand Point Way N.E. Seattle, WA 98105 USA P: (206)-526-2039 F: (206)-527-3925

Bahman Guyuron 29017 Cedar Road Lyndhurst, OH 44124 USA P: (440)-461-7999 F: (440)-461-4713

Mutaz B. Habal Tampa Bay Craniofacial Center 801 West M.L. King Boulevard Tampa, FL 33603 USA P: (813)-238-0409 F: (813)-238-1119

Craig D. Hall 140 Prospect Avenue Suite 20 Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA P: (201)-488-2101 F: (201)-488-3929

Robert A. Hardesty Loma Linda Univ. Medical Center Coleman Pavillion 11175 Campus Street #21126 Loma Linda, CA 92354 USA P: (909)-824-4176 F: (909)-824-4175

Robert J. Havlik Riley Hospital for Children 702 Barnhill Drive, #2514 Indianapolis, IN 46202-5200 USA P: (317)-274-2430 F: (317)-274-2762

David C. Hemmy Seeger Medical Building 20611 Watertown Road, Suite J P.O. Box 421 Brookfield, WI 53008-0421 USA P: (262)-782-0000 F: (262)-797-8825

William Y. Hoffman Suite 509 350 Parnassus San Francisco, CA 95117 USA P: (415)-476-9236 F: (415)-476-4001

Hans-Peter Howaldt Klinikstrasse 29 D - 35385 Giessen GERMANY

Eric H. Hubli 3299 Woodburn Road Annandale, VA 22003 USA P: (703)-560-4677 F: (703)-208-3319

Keisuke Imai 2-2-12-1 Higashitomigaoka Nara 6310002 JAPAN P: (81)-6-6929-1221 F: (81)-742-41-5539

Edward F. Joganic 500 West Thomas Suite 960 Phoenix, AZ 85013 USA P: (602)-266-9066 F: (602)-266-5711

Barry M. Jones 14 A Upper Wimpole Street London W19 6LR ENGLAND P: (44)-207-935-1938 F: (44)-207-935-6607

Hiroshi Kamiishi Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Kinki Univ. School of Medicine 377-2 Ohno-higashi Osaka-Sayama 589-8511 JAPAN P: (81)-6-723-66-0221 F: (81)-6-723-67-7517

Lawrence Ketch 4200 E. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80262 USA P: (937) 257-9537

Claes G.K. Lauritzen (Past President) Department of Plastic Surgery Sahlgrenska University Hospital 413 45 Goteborg SWEDEN P: (46)-31-342-2353 F: (46)-31-342-1209

Kant Y.K. Lin University of VA Health Sciences Center Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Box 376 Charlottesville, VA 22908 USA P: (804)-924-2528 F: (804)-924-1333

H. Wolf Losken 515 Potomac Grove Place Morrisville, NC 21560 USA P: (919)-466-8866 F: (919)-466-8844

Hans-Georg Luhr Department of Maxillofacial Surgery Robert - Koch - Str. 40 D - 37075 Goettingen WEST GERMANY P: (49)-5-5139-8306 F: (49)-5-5139-2886

Anil Madaree Dept. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery University of Natal, Wentworth Hospital Private Bag Jacobs, 4026 Durban SOUTH AFRICA

Charan Mahatumarat Division Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dept. of Surgery Chulalongkorn Hospital & Univ. Bangkok THAILAND P: (66)-2-261-6995 F: (66)-2-259-5116

Paul Manson 8125F/McElderry Wing 601 N. Caroline Street Baltimore, MD 21287 USA P: (410)-955-9469 F: (410)-235-7651

Jeffrey L. Marsh Pediatric Plastic Surgery One Children's Place St. Louis, MO 63110 USA P: (314)-454-6020 F: (314)-361-4571

McKay McKinnon 680 North Lake Shore Drive Suite 208 Chicago, IL 60611 USA P: (312)-335-9566 F: (847)-853-0126

Fernando Molina Camino Santa Teresa 1055-PB06 Hospital Angeles Mexico City 10700 MEXICO P: (52) 55-684-649 F: (51) 56--521-578

Adolfo G. Montoya Centro Medico La Zarzuela Pleyades, 25 (Aravaca) Y28023 Madrid SPAIN

Mark Harold Moore 89 Strangways Terrace North Adelaide S.A. 5006 AUSTRALIA P: (61)-8-8267-4566 F: (61)-8-8239-2349

Louis Morales, Jr. 5089 South 900 East Suite 100 Salt Lake City, UT 84117 USA P: (801)-743-0700 F: (801)-743-0701

Wolfgang Muhlbauer Stadt. Krankenhaus Bogenhausen Department of Plastic Surgery Englschalkinger Str. 77 81925 Munchen GERMANY P: (49)-89-9270-2030 F: (49)-89-9270-2036

John B. Mulliken 300 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115 USA P: (617)-730-0436 F: (617)-738-1657

Kitaro Ohmori Department Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Metropolitan Police Hospital 2-10-41 Fujimi Chiyodaku Tokyo 102 JAPAN P: (81)-3-3263-1371 F: (81)-3-3234-8658

Robert Olsson Department of Neurosurgery Sahlgrenska University Hospital S41345 Gothenburg SWEDEN P: (732) 418-0709 F: (732) 651-0225

Francis A. Papay Department of Plastic Surgery Cleveland Clinic Foundation 9500 Euclid Avenue/Desk A60 Cleveland, OH 44145 USA P: (216)-444-6905 F: (216)-444-9419

Phillipe Pellerin Service de Chirurgie Plastique Centre Hospitalier Universitaire 59037 LILLE Cedex FRANCE P: (33)-3-2044-4903 F: (33)-3-2044-5425

John A. Persing Yale Plastic Surgery 333 Cedar Street New Haven, CT 06510 USA P: (203)-875-2520 F: (203)-785-5214

John W. Polley Suite 425, Professional Bldg #1 1725 West Harrison Chicago, IL 60612 USA P: (312)-563-3000 F: (312)-563-2514

Michael D. Poole Department Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery The St. George Hospital Kogarah NSW AUSTRALIA P: (61)-2-935-02755 F: (61)-2-935-02756

Jeffrey C. Posnick 5530 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 1250 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA P: (301)-986-9475 F: (301)-986-1974

Bernard Raphael Serv. Chir. Plastique et Maxillo- faciale CHU de Grenoble BP217 38043 Grenoble Cedex G FRANCE P: (33)-4-7676-5826 F: (33)-4-7676-5679

Cassio Menezes Raposa do Amaral Av. Dr. Moraes Salles, 2655 Campinas SP 13095-192 BRAZIL P: (55)-19-3254-7378 F: (55)-19-3254-1384

Yvon Raulo Hospital Henri Mondor 51 Av De Mal De lattre De Tassigay Creteil 94010 FRANCE P: (33)-1-498-12531 F: (33)-1-498-12532

Dominique Renier Service Neurochirurgie Hospital Necker-Enfants Malades 149, rue de Sevres 75473 Paris Cedes 15 FRANCE

A. Michael Sadove 702 Barnhill Drive Suite 2514 Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA P: (317)-274-3771 F: (317)-274-2073

Larry A. Sargent Suite C-920 979 East Third Street Chattanooga, TN 37403 USA P: (423)-756-7134 F: (423)-778-9984

Stephen A. Schendel Division of Plastic Surgery Hoover Pavilion - NC104 Stanford University Medical Center Stanford, CA 94305 USA P: (650)-723-5824 F: (650)-725-6605

Alexander C. Stratoudakis Souidias 66 11521 Athens GREECE P: (30)-1-722-0016 F: (30)-724-3808

Patrick K. Sullivan 235 Plain Street Suite 502 Providence, RI 02905 USA P: (401)-831-8300 F: (401)-831-8304 mcsullivan@worldnet.att

Leslie N. Sutton Division of Neurosurgery Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 34th & Civic Center Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA P: (215) 590-2780 F: (215) 590-4809

Eugene Tan 83 South Terrace Adelaide 5000 AUSTRALIA P: (61-8) 8212-3989 F: (61-8) 8212-3987

Bryant A. Toth 2100 Webster Street Suite 424 San Francisco, CA 94115 USA P: (415)-923-3008 F: (415)-923-3846

Jean-Michel Vaandrager Koudekerkseweg 173 4335 SN Middelburg THE NETHERLANDS P: (31)-10-463-6383 F: (31)-10-463-6844

Craig A. Vander Kolk McElderry 8125D 601 N. Caroline Street Baltimore, MD 21205 USA P: (410)-955-2136 F: (410)-955-7060

Henry C. Vasconez Division of Plastic Surgery University of Kentucky Kentucky Clinic, K-454 Lexington, KY 40536 USA P: (859)-323-5887 F: (859)-323-3823

Andre Visot CMC FOCH 40 rue Worth 92151 Suresnes FRANCE

Steven Wall Oxford Craniofacial Unit Radcliffe Infirmary Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 6HE ENGLAND

Norman Waterhouse Craniofacial Unit Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 369 Fullham Road London SWD 9NH ENGLAND P: (44)-207-636-4073 F: (44)-207-636-6417

Jack C. Yu Medical College of GA Department of Plastic Surgery HB 5040 1467 Harper Street Augusta, GA 30912 USA P: (706) 721-6945 F: (706) 721-6931

James E. Zins Cleveland Clinic Foundation 9500 Euclid Avenue, Desk A60 Cleveland, OH 44195 USA P: (216)-444-6901 F: (216)-444-9419

Peter John Anderson Australian Craniofacial Unit Women's & Children's Hospital 72 King William Road North Adelaide SA 5006 AUSTRALIA P: (61-8) 8161-7000 F: (61-8) 8161-7235

Maher M. Anous 7515 Main Street Suite 510 Houston, TX 77030 USA P: (713) 799-1555 F: (713) 795-4686

Eric Arnaud 130 Rue de la Pompe 75116 Paris FRANCE P: (33)-1-4727-4431 F: (33)-1-4727-6515

M. Hugh Bailey 351 Hospital Road Suite 617 Newport Beach, CA 92663 USA P: (949)-650-6710 F: (949)-650-6713

Gene A. Balis 3000 E. Fletcher Avenue Suite 340 Tampa, FL 33613 USA P: (813)-977-3776 F: (813)-977-3777

Constance Barone University of Missouri Health Care Division of Plastic Surgery One Hospital Drive Columbia, MO 65212 USA P: (573)-882-2275 F: (573)-884-4788

Jeanette Barritt 190 Childrens Street North Adelaide, S.A. 5006 AUSTRALIA

Bruce S. Bauer 2300 Children's Plaza Mailbox #41 Chicago, IL 60614 USA P: (773)-880-4094 F: (773)-880-3059

Jack Bevivino 120 Dudley Street Providence, RI 02905 USA P: (401)-521-9290

Alberto Bianchi Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery Bellaria Hospital, Bologna, Italy Office Studio Bianchi-via Luuga 3/A Anzola Emilia, Bologna ITALY P: (39-51) 622-5193 F: (39-51) 732-690

Derek Bruce Suite D-360 1935 Motor Street Dallas, TX 75235 USA P: (214)-456-6660 F: (214)-456-6696

Vera L.N. Cardim Rua Martiniano de Carvalho 907 Paraiso Sao Paulo, SP 01325-000 BRAZIL P: (55)-11-284-2355 F: (55)-11-284-2355

Michael G. Cedars 3000 Colby Street Suite 200 Berkeley, CA 94705 USA P: (207)-775-7883 F: (207)-775-2388

Philip Kuo-Ting Chen Craniofacial Center Chang Gung Memorial Hospital 199, Tung Hwa North Road Taipei 104 TAIWAN P: (886)-3-3281200 Ext. 2430 F: (886)-3-3271029

Luigi Clauser Department CranioMaxilloFacial Surgery St. Anna Hospital Corso Giovecca 203-44100, Ferrara ITALY P: (39)-532-236-725 F: (39)-532-236-725

Christopher Costanzo 2190 Lynn Road Suite 380 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 USA P: (805)-373-9919 F: (805)-379-3495

Court B. Cutting Suite 1K 333 East 34th Street New York, NY 10016 USA P: (212)-263-5502 F: (212)-447-6228

Lisa Renee David Dept of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Wake Forest University Medical Center Boulevard Winston-Salem, NC 27157-107 USA P: (336) 716-2992 F: (336) 716-6642

Joseph B. DeLozier Nashville Plastic Surgery, Ltd. Baptist Medical Plaza II, Suite 806 2021 Church Street Nashville, TN 37203 USA P: (615)-284-8200 F: (615)-284-8299

Jorge De Vecchi Blvd. Artigas 2440 Montevideo URUGUAY

Patrick A. Diner Maison de Sante des Soeurs Augustines 29, Rue de la Sante 75013 Paris FRANCE P: (33)-1-4535-1666 F: (33)-1-6336-1500

Bruce J. Dubin 1401 Avocado Avenue Suite 501 Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA P: (949)-640-4911 F: (949)-640-0873

Paul Edwards 20 Summer Street, #203-N Malden, MA 02148 USA P: (781) 397-9662 F: (781) 397-9663

Robert M. Edwards 19 Arrana Avenue Rostrevor 5073, South Australia AUSTRALIA

Fred J. Epstein Beth Israel Medical Center 170 East End Avenue New York, NY 10128 USA P: (212)-870-9600 F: (212)-870-9810

Mark P. Gianoutsos Prince of Wales Private Hospital Suite 1, Level 7 Locked Bag 2, Barker Street Randwick NSW 2031 AUSTRALIA P: (61)-2-9650-4980 F: (61)-2-9650-4915

Arun K. Gosain Medical College WI Plastic Surgery 9200 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53226 USA P: (414)-266-2821 F: (414)-266-2957

Romuld Guerrero Carvajal 737 Portal del Bosque A-10 Quito ECUADOR P: (593)-2-461-466 F: (593)-2-269-405

Beat Hammer Cantonal and Universitary Hospital Basel Clinic for Reconstructive Surgery Spitalstrasse 21 CH-4031 Basel SWITZERLAND P: (41)-61-265-2636 F: (41)-61-265-7298

Bruce Hendrick The Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8 CANADA

T. Rod Hester, Jr. Suite 640 Downwood Circle Atlanta, GA 30327 USA

Shinichi Hirabayashi 2-34-21-1104, Funato Itasbashi-ku, Tokyo JAPAN P: (81)-3-3964-7293

Nabil Hokayem Hotel-Dieu Beirut LEBANON

Harold Hoffman The Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8 CANADA

Larry H. Hollier, Jr. Critical Care Centre 6621 Fannin MC620 10 Houston, Texas 77030 USA P: (832)-822-3190 F: (832) 825-3192

Wolf J. Holtje Martinistr 52 University Medical Centre Max-Fac Hamburg 20246 GERMANY P: (49)-40-42803-2372 F: (49)-40-42803-6779

Glenn W. Jelks 875 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021 USA P: (212)-988-3303

Leonard Kaban Dept. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 513 Parnassus, Univ. of California San Francisco, CA 94143 USA

Lawrence P. Kerr 27 Park Avenue Binghamton, NY 13903 USA P: (607)-772-6266 F: (607)-772-8567

Cornelius Klein Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 D-60590 Frankfurt GERMANY P: (49)-69-6301-6859 F: (49)-69-6301-6839

Seiichiro Kobayashi Dept. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Iwate Medical University 19-1 Uchimaru Morioka-shi 020-8505 JAPAN P: (81)-19-651-5111 F: (81)-19-651-8402

Shigeo Kyutoku Department Plastic Surgery Kansai Medical University 10-15 Fumizono-cho Moriguchi Osaka 570-8507 JAPAN P: (81)-6-6992-1001 F: (81)-6-6997-0628

David L. LaMasters 7777 Forest Lane Suite B-420 Dallas, TX 75230 USA

Eduardo Laseca-Valencia Calle Leopoldo 9-6B Granada 18014 SPAIN

Gregory S. LaTrenta New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center for Cosmetic & Reconst 525 East 68th Street New York, NY 10021 USA

James A. Lehman, Jr. 300 Locust Street Akron, OH 44302 USA P: (330)-253-9161 F: (330)-253-5933

Lun-Jou Lo Dept. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Chang Gung Memorial Hospital 199, Tung Hwa North Road Taipei 105 TAIWAN

Michael T. Longaker Department of Surgery Stanford University School of Medicine H3680, 300 Pasteur Drive Stanford, CA 94305-5655 USA P: (650)-736-1706 F: (650)-736-1705

Joseph Losee Division of Plastic Surgery The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 3705 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh 15213-258 USA

Kenneth M. Louis 3000 East Fletcher Avenue Suite 340 Tampa, FL 33613 USA P: (813)-977-3776 F: (813)-977-3776

Gregory C. Lovaas Suite 405 1321 N.W. 14th Street Miami, FL 33125 USA P: (305)-324-6633 F: (305)-324-6644

Kim H. Manwaring 909 East Brill Phoenix, AZ 85006 USA P: (602)-239-6458 F: (602)-254-8033

W. Richard Marsh Mayo Clinic 200 First Street, S.W. Rochester, MN 55905 USA

David C. Matthews 2215 Randolph Road Charlotte, NC 28207 USA P: (704)-372-6846 F: (704)-342-0752

Peter McCaan 22250 Providence Drive, #606 Southfield, MI 48075 USA

John G. Meara Dept. of Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery Royal Children's Hospital Flemington Road Parkville, Victoria 3052 AUSTRALIA P: (61-9) 345-6583 F: (61-9) 345-6585

Beyoung-Yun Park Department of Plastic Surgery Severance Hospital Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine C.P.O. Box 8044 Seoul KOREA P: (82)-2-361-5693 F: (82)-2-393-6947

Chul Gyoo Park Dept. of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine 28 Yongon-dong, Chongno-gu Seoul 110-744 KOREA P: (82)-2-760-2372 F: (82)-2-3674-0928

Ernesto Jose Ruas 2727 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite 510 Tampa, FL 33607 USA P: (813)-879-2727 F: (813)-877-6340

Richard E. Sabatier Suite 210 109 Northpark Boulevard Covington, LA 70433 USA P: (504)-867-9077 F: (504)-867-9144

Thomas J. Sergott 11828 Bernardo Plaza Court San Diego, CA 92128 USA P: (858)-451-6005 F: (858)-451-3182

Kevin E. Shaw 899 Meadows Road, #301 Boca Raton, FL 33486 USA P: (561)-338-3637 F: (561)-338-3263

Navin Singh Shock Trauma Center Plastic Surgery 22 S. Greene Street TIR 38 Baltimore, MD 21201 USA P: (410) 328-3058 F: (410) 328-8862

Rick J. Smith 2900 Hannah Boulevard Suite 208 East Lansing, MI 48823 USA P: (517)-336-4560 F: (517)-324-3378

Samuel Stal Feigin Center 1102 Bates Street, Suite 330 Houston, TX 77030 USA P: (832)-824-3190 F: (832)-825-3192

Yasushi Sugawara Jichi Medical School Department Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Minami-kawachi, Tochigi 329-0498 JAPAN P: (81)-285-58-7371 F: (81)-285-44-3234

Walter G. Sullivan Suite 8-B 500 South Rancho Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106 USA P: (702)-259-7759 F: (702_259-6964

Charles H. Thorne 812 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021 USA P: (212)-794-0044 F: (212)-772-1326

Jeffrey Topf 23077 Greenfield Road

  1. 285

Southfield, MI 48075 USA P: (248)-559-6190 F: (248)-559-0278

Benny J. Van R. Zeeman Department Reconstructive Plastic Surgery P.O. Box 19063 Tygerberg 7505 SOUTH AFRICA P: (27)-21-938-9432 F: (27)-21-931-7810

Ken R. Winston The Children's Hospital 1056 East 19th Avenue Box B330 Denver, CO 80018 USA P: (303)-861-6547 F: (303)-861-6101

David Witzke (1989) 911 East 20th Street Suite 602 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 USA P: (605)-335-3349 F: (605)-336-8436 Michael J. Yaremchuk

John Hugh Barker Australian Craniofacial Unit 226 Melbourne Street North Adelaide 5006 SOUTH AUSTRALIA

John Hugh Barker Australian Craniofacial Unit 226 Melbourne Street North Adelaide 5006 SOUTH AUSTRALIA

J. Raymond Buncic The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto M5G 1X8 CANADA P: (416)-813-8919 F: (416)-813-8266

Grady Crosland Pediatric Anesthesia Associates 1935 Motor Street P.O. Box 36305 Dallas, TX 75235 USA P: 214-640-7295 F: 214-640-7284

Arlene Dagys The Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8 CANADA P: (416)-690-8525 F: (416)-690-6757

Gary Diamond Division of Ophthalmology St. Christopher's Hospital for Children Front Street and Erie Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134-1095 USA P: (215)-427-8121 F: (215)-427-8919

Alvaro Figueroa Rush Craniofacial Centre Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Centre Suite 425, 1725 West Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60612 USA P: (312)-563-3000 F: (312)-563-2514

Barry Grayson Institute Reconstructive Plastic Surgery NYU Medical Center 550 First Avenue New York, NY 10016 USA P: (212)-263-5206 F: (212)-263-6002

Arnold J. Hill Mayo Clinic 200 First Street, S.W. Rochester, MN 55905 USA P: (507)-284-8082

James Katowitz 34th & Civic Center Blvd. 1st Floor Wood Building Mailbox 3060 Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA P: (215)-590-4595 F: (215)-590-4325

John Kolar, Ph.D. Dallas Craniofacial Center 7777 Forest Lane, Suite C-706 Dallas, TX 75230 USA P: (972)-566-6721 F: (972)-566-4624

Catherine T.H.Lee Camden Medical Center 1 Orchard Boulevard #06-05 Singapore 248649 SINGAPORE P: (65-68)-359-571 F: (65-62)-386-756

Richard J. Persiani 6177 Orchard Lake Road

  1. 120

West Bloomfield, MI 48322 USA P: (248)-855-6655 F: (248)-855-0803

Peter Reilly Department of Neurosurgery Royal Adelaide Hospital North Terrace Adelaide, SA 5000 AUSTRALIA P: (61)-8-822-25232 F: (61)-8-836-41630

Valdenize Tiziani R. Major Solom, 255 A pto. 23 Campinas SP BRAZIL 13024-091 P: (55)-19-3237-8583 F: (55)-19-3237-8583

Jonathan Peter Wiens 6177 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomfield, MI 48322 USA P: (248)-855-6655 F: (248)-855-0803

Dr. Pierre Vico , Clinique generale St. Jean, Rue du Marais, Brussels Belgium Telefon: 32 2 221 99 10.

Dr. J.L. Hoeyberghs, Wellness Kliniek, Grotestraat 42, 3600 GENK, Belgium Tel: 0032 89 32 95 00 Fax: 0032 89 32 95 10

Dr. Yvon Menard/Dr. Pierre Brassard, 1003 Boul. St-Joseph Est, Montreal, Québec, Canada H2J 1L2 Phone: (514) 288-2097 Fax: (514) 288-3547

dr. M. Pakkanen Kirurgipalvelu Hämeenkatu 15 B, 4. krs 33100 TAMPERE Finland Telefon: (03) 252 2111; Ajanvaraus: (03) 252 2750

Dr. F. Hamza 6 place de la madeleine 75008 Paris, France Tel: 00 33 6 76 84 52 36

Marc Divaris 32 av Georges Mandel 75116 PARIS France Tel +33 1 45 53 40 14

Nordine BENYACOUB 31 rue Haute Bourgeois 54000 NANCY France +33 3 83 30 40 40

Eric ALLAMAGNY 28 pl Carrière 54000 NANCY France +33 3 83 32 28 83

Dr. Sibille 20 rue Isabey 54000 NANCY France Tel +33 3 83 28 42 82

Dr. A.G. Becking VU medisch centrum De Boelelaan 1117 Postbus 7057 1007 MB Amsterdam Netherlands Tel: 00-31-(0) 20 - 444 1150

Dr. E. J. Van Croonenburg Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam 0031-20 4441026

Dr. D.B. Tuinzing Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam Tel: 0031-20 4441026

Lucas Ziekenhuis, K.N.O.-heelkunde, Jan Tooropstraat 164, 1061 AE Amsterdam. Netherlands Telefon: 020 5108894

Prof. Gunnar Kratz Hand- och plastikkirurgisk mottagning Linköpings Universitetssjukhus SE-581 85 LINKÖPING Sweden Telefon: +46 - 13 - 222 000

Dr. Ken Sneddon McIndoe Surgical Centre Holtye Road East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3EB Tel: 01342 330300 Fax: 01342 330301

Dr. Brian T. Musgrove Consultant Maxillo Facial and Facial Plastic Surgeon National Health Service The Manchester Royal Infirmary Tel: 0161 276 1234 Private Practise The Alexander Hospital Victoria Park Tel: 0161 257 2233 Switchboard Tel: 0161 249 3133 Private Secretary

Dr. D Koppel Craniofacial Surgery, Facial Trauma National Health Service BMI Ross Hall Hospital 221 Crookston Road Glasgow G52 3NQ Tel: 0141 810 3151 Fax: 0141 882 7439

Dr. Leslie Bernstein, 77 Scripps Drive Suite 105, Sacramento, CA, (916) 923-0820 fax (916) 923-0892 —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:12, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

  • Oppose. I think this borders on spamming the article. Msnicki (talk) 04:07, 19 December 2013 (UTC)

Neutrality Disputed Paragraph[edit]

Currently, (September 2010) as far as the English National Health Service (NHS) is concerned (or wishes to pretend,) [neutrality is disputed] FFS is unsupported by any published, peer-reviewed studies of its "clinical effectiveness."[citation needed] As a result, if you live in England you will not obtain public funding for it or, indeed, for revisions to privately obtained surgery if things go wrong or remain otherwise unsatisfactory. [citation needed] However, the situation appears to be different in Scotland where FFS is reportedly routinely performed by the NHS (specifically at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.) Nevertheless, published clinical effectiveness studies are urgently needed. [by whom?]

I found this paragraph to have a bias and crooked point of view. I've removed it until someone (or myself) can reword it and find a few sources to back it up. Ishyflynn (talk) 23:58, 2 November 2011 (UTC)