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Merge List of Wikimedia projects[edit]

I've suggested/tagged a merge from List of Wikimedia projects into this article. I've also tagged Wikipedia:Projects of Wikimedia as historic and directed visitors to this page.

This article is the {{Main}} link at Wikimedia Foundation#Wikimedia projects, and keeping a single location uptodate would be a lot better than letting 3 locations slide into disarray.

Any objections, or suggestions, for this merge? –Quiddity (talk) 01:54, 25 August 2013 (UTC)

Great idea; I'm all for it. Today I saw both of these articles for the first time. One of the things that bugs me about List of Wikimedia projects is the unorthodofox intermingling of wiki, interwiki, and external links—none of which are described or annotated. This merge is a good opportunity to rectify that, while discarding any chaff. Ringbang (talk) 02:59, 25 August 2013 (UTC)