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For the movie based on the comic book, see Technotise: Edit & I.
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Publication information
Publisher System comics
Creative team
Writer(s) Darko Grkinić
Creator(s) Aleksa Gajić
Darko Grkinić

Technotise is a Serbian comic book created by Aleksa Gajić and Darko Grkinić. It was promoted in an unusual way for Serbian comics, by the main character being featured in the music video Bombona?, for which Gajić composed the music. It has 68 color pages. The comic book was a great success and a sequel animated feature film, Technotise: Edit & I, has been made.


The story focuses on a legendary tunnel connecting Zemun and Kalemegdan, made during Austrian-Turkish war. It is set in future Belgrade 2074, and the main character is Edit, an art student.

Plot of the animated film[edit]

Edit is starting to experience health issues and finds out another creature is living inside of her.

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