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Texhnolyze DVD vol 1.jpg
North American cover of the first DVD volume
Genre Cyberpunk, Crime fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki [1]
Written by Chiaki J. Konaka
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by
Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (current)
Madman Entertainment (former)
Network Fuji Television
English network
Original run April 16, 2003September 24, 2003
Episodes 22 (List of episodes)
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Texhnolyze (テクノライズ Tekunoraizu?) is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, from a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka, and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda, with original character design by Yoshitoshi ABe.

The events take place in the vibrant yet dilapidated underground city of Lux. Denizens of Lux have come to call it "The City" and treat it as a sentient force. Three factions vie for control of the city: the Organo, a strictly professional conglomerate with ties to the criminal underworld in the prostheses business ("Texhnolyze"); the Salvation Union, a fanatical populist group interfering with the Organo's affairs; and the Racan, a marauding group of Texhnolyzed youths. The series has an ensemble cast, but events particularly focus on Ichise, a stoic prize fighter who loses a leg and an arm to satisfy an enraged promoter; Onishi, a young but level-headed executive of the Organo who has many enemies; and Ran, a little girl who has a very important gift that affects the entire city. As they struggle to accept the challenges that they are dealt, the characters bear witness to major events that determine whether the city continues to exist.

Texhnolyze aired on Fuji Television from April 16, 2003 to September 24, 2013, totaling twenty episodes. Two unaired episodes were included in the DVD release.


In the underground city of Lux, Ichise is a prize fighter. He angers his promoter, who cuts off his arm and leg. Doc, a former citizen of the sealed city of the Class, is Lux's most talented researcher of Texhnolyze, an advanced prosthetic limb technology. She gives Ichise Texhnolyzed limbs without his consent. Texhnolyze uses Raffia, a substance derived from dead bodies that is harvested in mines around the city's Obelisk. Raffia prevents the user's body from rejecting the Texhnolyze.

Ran, the current Seer of Gabe, sells flowers in Lux. She can see an individual's possible future. Her followers in Gabe unquestioningly accept her predictions even at the cost of their lives. Gabe is home to the former leaders of Lux, who were overthrown by the Organo. Onishi is the current leader of the Organo and is credited with the current peace in Lux.

Yoshii comes to Lux from the legendary surface. Fed up with the unchanging nature life on surface, Yoshii covertly throws Lux into chaos, pitting the Organo, the Salvation Union, and the Racan against each other. The tensions eventually escalate into a battle in the streets between the three factions. Afterward, Yoshii attempts to convince Shinji, leader of the Racan, to assassinate a Class leader. Onishi arrives to prevent the assassination, and Yoshii almost kills Onishi, but Ichise arrives and kills Yoshii.

Doc goes to the entrance of the Class enclave and attempts to convince their leader, Kano, to take her in and use her Texhnolyze expertise, presenting Ichise as an example that Texhnolyzation can create perfect humans. However, Kano has a different form of Texhnolyzation in mind, so he destroys Doc's research and tries to kill her.

Kano undermines the three factions of Lux and creates an army of Shapes: humans whose entire bodies have been replaced with Texhnolyze, with only their heads remaining intact. The Shapes march on the city and many of Onishi's remaining allies are killed.

Onishi sends Doc and Ichise to the surface to warn of Kano's impending invasion. They discover that the world above is sparsely populated, and the remaining citizens have resigned themselves to extinction and became ghosts. The government is apathetic to the news of the invasion. Doc and Ichise find an old-style movie theater where they see a film that explains that Lux was created when the Class rounded up people who were thought to be imperfect or impure of thought, killing many and forcing the rest into the underground city. Doc commits suicide after seeing what the surface has become. Ichise returns to Lux, learning that the Shapes have captured Ran.

The Shapes begin to stop functioning, and Shinji is killed after killing most of the members of the Class in their fortress.

Ran shows her visions to the people of Lux, driving them mad. She is captured and taken to Kano's sanctum. Onishi goes to the Obelisk, begging the city for guidance. The city, in Ran's voice, tells Onishi to kill the city for driving everyone insane. He chooses to destroy everything rather than living on with madness in body and soul. He stabs the Obelisk, and it bleeds. The crazed men of the city shoot Onishi until nothing is left but his Texhnolyzed legs.

All of the Shapes, as well as Kano, have been rooted to the ground and permanently immobilized. Ichise finds Kano in the opera house. Kano says that he failed in his attempt to use Texhnolyzation to get people to evolve out of their violent ways, and now humanity's self-preserving bloodline has returned to its roots.

Ichise sees that Ran is behind Kano and has been turned into a Shape, but Kano says that she turned her mind off by her own will. Seeing Ichise's rage, Kano says that if Ichise kills him, the one sane man in the city, Ichise will only be embracing his own madness. Ichise responds by punching Kano's head off.

Ichise drops Ran's remains into the pool of Raffia. He leans against a column, watching a projection of a simplistic rendering of one of Ran's flowers. Eventually he slumps over and smiles as he and the city fade away.


Ichise (櫟士?)
Voiced by: Akira Haga (Japanese), Justin Gross (English)
Ichise is a street fighter of very few words who participates in underground fight clubs for money. He is tough, cool and violent. Throughout the series, he was saved from the amputation of an arm and a leg by Doc and Onishi, he adopted his texhnolyzed arm and leg, changed his attitude and commit his life helping out Onishi and Organo.
Ran (?)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itou (Japanese), Carrie Savage (English)
Ran is a seer from Gabe. She sells Orchid carrying a white fox mask whenever she travels. Ran has gifted foresight, which grants her insight into Lux's one possible outcome of the future. Unfortunately, this ability pains her since she often sees bad future which she's unable to change. She has a profound interest in Ichise and helped him throughout the series. She also helped Onishi as "the voice of the city".
Eriko "Doc" Kaneda (鎌田江里子 Kaneda Eriko?, ドク Doc)
Voiced by: Shizumi Niki (Japanese), Victoria Harwood (English)
Doc is a researcher on Texhnolyzation from the Class. She develops Texhnolyzation which works naturally for human instead of worshiping functionality and power. In the beginning of the series, she lives and continues her research in Lux. With the help from Onishi, she found Ichise suffering from the amputation of an arm and a leg and installs prosthetic arm and leg of her own design for him.
Keigo Onishi (大西京呉 Onishi Keigo?)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)
Onishi is the head of Organo, the only person in Lux who can hear "the voice of the city". He is a strong, righteous and capable man, he is almost unbeatable with his sword. He unified organizations and formed Organo with the help of "the voice of the city". He commits his life to bring order and liberty to the city.
Shinji (シンジ?)
Voiced by: Masaya Kitaide (Japanese), Jason C. Miller (English)
Shinji is the leader of Racan. He often gets involved in the city's gang wars. He enjoys freedom and wishes he could be enlightened by the Class. He has a texhnolyzed index finger on his right hand.
Kazuho Yoshii (吉井一穂 Yoshii Kazuho?)
Voiced by: Takashi Inoue (Japanese), Sam Riegel (English)
Yoshii is a visitor from the surface world. He is seen carrying a bag with him containing an assortment of valued items. Almost half his body has been texhnolyzed. He is adventurous and purposeful. During his journey, he discovers necessities for life in Lux and decides to make changes for the city.


Shapes are people who have been completely texhnolyzed. They have had most of their bodies replaced with cyborg components, leaving only their heads intact and connected to an organic life support 'pod'. The Shapes quickly grow into an army which threatens to conquer Lux once and for all.

Episode list[edit]

Rogue Title Original air date[2]
1 "Stranger"   April 16, 2003
In the dystopian underground city of Lux, entertainment fighter Ichise is forced into a sexual encounter with his promoter's lover in the city's ruling organization, the mafia-like Organo. After spurning the woman, his promoter finds out about this and Ichise runs away to try to escape retribution. However, the promoter locates him and chops of his arm. Meanwhile, Kazuho Yoshii descends from the legendary surface world and journeys toward Gabe, a community that was overthrown by the Organo. On his way there, he meets Ran, a mysterious young girl wearing a white fox mask, who takes him to see the sage. Shortly before reaching Gabe, they are attacked by members of an anti-texhnolyzation group called the Salvation Union. 
2 "Forfeiture"   April 23, 2003
When a maddened Ichise charges at the promoter's lover, his leg is severed as a consequence. Keigo Onishi, the head of the Organo, arrives at the scene but allows Ichise to live instead of shooting him to death. Ichise is able to crawl away into the streets, struggling to stay alive and sane. Meanwhile, the sage explains to Yoshii that Ran is a seer, able to look into an individual's near future. Yoshii discusses his motives with the sage for leaving the surface world, whether they could be good or bad. Later, Yoshii and Ran take a train to Lux, and he learns that she is a florist. Later, Onishi survives an assassination attempt by the Salvation Union. 
3 "Texhnophile"   April 30, 2003
Before arriving at Lux, Yoshii warns Ran not to reveal his future to anybody, including him. Ichise finds himself in a research laboratory, where Eriko "Doc" Kaneda is currently developing texhnolyzed prosthetic limbs for an operation. After his mother had died during an excavation, her body was stored as a substance known as raffia inside a container. Doc gives a nearly famished Ichise some water, and then shows his detached arm to show that he has nowhere else to go. Onishi is confronted by an assassin of the Salvation Union after Raffia, but shortly kills him after being shot in his texhnolyzed leg. Doc reveals to Ichise that she used raffia as a biocircuit for the texhnolyzed limbs. Onishi knocks Ichise out before he tried to punch Doc in the face. 
4 "Synapse"   May 7, 2003
Doc explains to Ichise that a texhnolyzed prosthetic limb, after being molecularly and mechanically engineered, is linked through the nervous system targeting the cornea, thus preventing the user's body from rejecting it. Without his consent and by means of seduction, she surgically installs the texhnolyzed limbs into his body. Onishi goes to the headquarters of the Salvation Union to talk to Motoharu Kimata, the leader of this group, concerning why he was nearly killed twice. During his investigation, Yoshii chases after two youths who stole his bag, but they try to shoot his head off when he loses track of them. As it is unveiled that Yoshii is texhnolyzed, Shinji, leader of the Racan, intervenes. After Ichise awakes, Doc tries to stop him from breaking his texhnolyzed limbs. However, when he figures out that they are painless, he leaves the research laboratory and wanders outside. 
5 "Loiter"   May 14, 2003
Shinji claims that he has his own freedom, but Yoshii says that this freedom technically belongs to the city instead. Ran watches as Ichise struggles with his new body. Yoshii is taken to a brothel to see a pimp, who offers him to meet a woman named Mari to spend the night with him. She explains that a man at the brothel brutally scarred her body, ruining her chance of having any customers in the first place. Meanwhile, Ichise is later captured Kyosuke Ishii and dumped into a sewer. Ichise is trapped in a maze and he fails to find a way out. After Mari goes to sleep, Yoshii searches for the man at the brothel and shoots him point blank. After seeing flower petals falling into the sewer, Ichise manages to find his way out, but it seems that Ran had something to do with this. 
6 "Repetition"   May 21, 2003
Ichise is trying to get the hang of using his texhnolyzed limbs, successfully climbing a flight of stairs. Onishi summons Ishii if he knows where Ichise is, but Ishii provides no useful information, much to Onishi's disappointment. After crashing her vehicle while looking for Ichise, Doc walks back with an injured foot to the research laboratory, only to see Yoshii there. Yoshii takes an interest in raffia, which he says is the reason for existence in the city. Ichise stops a youth from stealing merchandise from a shop owner, who serves him food as a reward. Soon after, Ichise finds Ishii and beats him up, but Ichise is soon knocked out and detained. 
7 "Plot"   May 28, 2003
Doc fixes Ichise's texhnolyzed limbs and Onishi releases him. Yoshii meets with a man named Tatsuya Sakimura, who says that there has been much conflict between the Organo and the Salvation Union. Shinji tries to persuade Ichise to join the Racan, later bringing him and Ran to the hangout of the Racan. Later on, Yoshii finds Ishii in the streets and kills him. Onishi sends Nakahara from the executive board as his representative to confront Kimata. However, on the way to the headquarters of the Salvation Union, Nakahara is sniped by Yoshii, who Onishi is not familiar with. Because of this, Organo declares war on the Salvation Union. Onishi receives a phone call from Yoshii, who says that he is too late, having set the headquarters on fire. 
8 "Crucible"   June 4, 2003
While the Organo stalls to come up with a plan, the Salvation Union is preparing their retaliation. Yoshii crosses paths with Ichise and Ran in an alley. It is revealed that Yoshii planted a bomb inside the hangout, killing many members of the Racan. Onishi faces Kimata alone in the streets, but Shinji wants in on the action as well. When Ichise appears, he all of a sudden starts a riot between the Salvation Union and the Racan. Onishi jabs Shinji with the scabbard of his sword, and then takes Ichise back with him in his car. Yoshii was the underlying cause of covertly pitting the three factions against each other. 
9 "Wiggle"   June 11, 2003
While assistant Michiko Hirota is driving, Onishi barely escapes Yoshii's eye from a distance, avoiding shots from the sniper rifle being triggered. Ichise is taken back to Onishi's apartment to rest. On the way to his office, Onishi runs outside and bumps into Haruhiko Toyama, who says that Keitarou Mizuno of the executive board is out to look for him. Onishi contacts his wife Mana Onishi from a bar to leave the apartment, but Yoshii gets to her first and points a gun to her head. When Yoshii tell Onishi that he wants him to be a part of a spectacle, Mana cuts Yoshii with scissors. Then, he kicks her back against the window, causing her to bleed and fall out of the apartment. Onishi finds Mana laying on the ground and brings her back to his room to have her rest in peace. Toyama calls Onishi, only to say that someone is visiting the Racan, which frustrates Onishi. While walking with Ran, Sakimura sees Yoshii, who is fed up with the unchanging nature of life in the city of Lux. 
10 "Conclusion"   June 25, 2003
Yoshii, Ran and Sakimura take a train to visit Shinji at his hangout. Meanwhile, Bunken Kohakura joins Akihisa Sonoda in the sauna and discusses about what Mizuno is planning to do. Yoshii convinces Shinji to join him and support his mission. Onishi forcefully interrogates a member of the Racan about where Shinji is and who did he go with. Outside a cathedral from a distance, Yoshii prepares to assassinate Hirohisa Goto, who is meeting a representative of the Class, but Shinji catches on to what Yoshii has been doing all this time. Suddenly, Onishi comes into the picture and protects Goto from being shot. Yoshii goes after Onishi inside the cathedral and stabs him in the chest, nearly killing him. However, Ichise also arrives and eventually punches Yoshii dead in the face. Sakimura, seeing him laying there on the ground, fires a gunshot, thus ending Yoshii's life. 
11 "Vagrant"   July 2, 2003
Onishi is taken to the hospital and is thanked by Goto for his good deed. Ichise is taken to a bar with Toyama, who receives information about a bomber carrying a paper bag who was seen running away from the city's obelisk when it was destructed and was headed towards a factory. Meanwhile, Mizuno visits Kimata and falsely uses Onishi's name to express his gratitude of compensation and support. He later visits Shinji and Hal to inform that he will be the new head of the Organo, but the two do not buy this one bit. When Ichise is attacked by men against the Organo, Toyama comes to save him. Toyama believes that being texhnolyzed signifies his hatred towards his father. During a executive board meeting, Mizuno, insistent on becoming the head of the Organo, is shocked when the bomber, captured by Ichise and Toyama, rats him out for being told to destroy the obelisk. After visiting Onishi in the hospital, Ichise finds Ran in the streets, where she tells him that she does not want to see everything anymore. 
12 "Precognition"   July 16, 2003
Toyama finally inducts Ichise into the Organo. Shinji and Hal discuss about where they will establish a new den for their group, much to Yoko's annoyance. Kohakura informs Ichise and Toyama that the manager of an excavation named Yamura was found murdered. During the investigation, Toyama reveals that the Organo is kept alive through the Class by collecting raffia stored underground. After Toyama says that Yamura was illegally shipping raffia, he notices that Ran is trying to avoid him in the streets because she does not want to see his future. She collapses after envisioning men in blue fox masks surrounding Ichise. An old miner, offering a place for her to rest, is aware of Ichise's resentment towards his deceased father, but it was Ichise's father who was actually framed for illicitly selling raffia. After figuring out that neither the Salvation Union nor the Racan were responsible, Ichise and Toyama head to a gambling place, where Ichise spots his promoter and angrily punches his lights out. 
13 "Vista"   July 23, 2003
Ichise, Onishi, Michiko and Ishimori take a train from Lux to Gabe. Upon arrival, Onishi meets with the sage, who proclaims that Lux inevitably will first be destroyed and then be reborn. Ishimori tells Ichise that he does not necessarily have to be part of the Organo. Onishi, seeking advice, is brought in to speak with Ran, who predicts that he is in danger of being destroyed by the loss of his real legs, but she passes out before foretelling the overwhelming future of the city. Michiko tells Onishi that Ichise found an assassin in a nearby factory, which somehow supplies armed weapons. The assassin in the factory attacks Ichise, but Ishimori shoots him down. It is unveiled that Onishi sold his real legs as a child to a disabled boy as an act of kindness. Ishimori betrays the group and attempts to kill Onishi, but Ichise shields Onishi, who shoots Ishimori's shoulder. Onishi is taken by surprise when the sage shows up with his tribe and breaks his ties with the Organo, and Ichise is distraught when Ran says that he will be the one to destroy everything. 
14 "Rejection"   July 30, 2003
15 "Shapes"   August 13, 2003
16 "Strain"   August 20, 2003
17 "Dependence"   September 3, 2003
18 "Throne"   September 10, 2003
19 "Heavenward"   Never aired
20 "Hades"   Never aired
A revelation of sorts is given unto Ichise and Doc as they manage to enter into and understand where it is that so many ravaging below yearn to advance. 
21 "Encephalopathy"   September 17, 2003
22 "Myth"   September 24, 2003
Ichise, Kanno, Ran, and the remaining residents of Lux reach final conclusion. 


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