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Tedashii performing live at Ichthus Music Festival in June 2012.
Background information
Birth name Tedashii Anderson
Genres Christian hip hop
Years active 2004–present
Labels Reach
Associated acts 116 Clique, Lecrae
Website www.reachrecords.com

Tedashii "Tdot" Anderson, known simply as Tedashii, is a Christian hip hop artist and member of the hip-hop troupe, 116 Clique. Tedashii has released three solo albums, Kingdom People, Identity Crisis, and Blacklight, on Reach Records. Tedashii's delivery style is characterized by a deep voice that he can manipulate for rapping a wide range of flow schemes and patterns.

In 2008 Tedashii toured with the 116 Clique during the "Unashamed Tour".[citation needed] The "Don't Waste Your Life Tour" followed in 2009, after which he took a brief hiatus.[citation needed] In late 2010 he returned for the "Unashamed: The Movement Tour".[citation needed] As soon as his album Blacklight was released in 2011 he went on a brief tour to promote it.[citation needed] He joined the "Man Up Tour" in 2011, taking a brief break in early 2012.[citation needed] In late 2012 116 Clique toured 30 cities with the "Unashamed Tour: Come Alive".[citation needed] Then in December, Suzy Rock and KB joined him for the "No Boundaries Concert Series".[citation needed] Tedashii appeared in Family Force 5's song "Chainsaw" on the Reanimated remix album released in 2013.

Personal Life[edit]

Tedashii was born in Lufkin, Texas.[1] He was raised to be very family-oriented, respectful and appreciative, but embracing the latter was often difficult in light of the economic conditions his family faced. In high school, he joined the band to play jazz, studied black history, reveled in poetry, endeavored to become a renaissance man, and even idolized Ted Koppel. Tedashii remembers being different than his peers in his vast interests, but as expected for a Texas boy, Samoan at that, he also played football. By most standards, he was a well-rounded, good person--most, but not all. His life was changed forever after one day in college he was confronted by a student who overheard him using profanity. “He told me that I was a sinner and basically shared the Gospel with me that day.” It was quite a wake-up call. Sometime later after going to a Christian event on campus he received Jesus and found new life in Christ. He was encouraged to rap by his newfound family even though his first attempt wasn't well received by everyone. After being introduced to Lecrae, rooming with both him and Sho Baraka and later being featured on several tracks from Real Talk and the 116 Clique Compilation, Tedashii was encouraged to commit to ministry through music.

Tedashii currently lives in Denton, TX and where he lives with his wife and son, serving at The Village Church.[1] In March 2013 Tedashii's one year old son died. Tedashii's community and fans reach out to him and his family showing support in this tough time.


Tedashii's next album will release Spring 2014, entitled "Below Paradise".

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