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The Association of Japanese Animation (AJA) (日本動画協会 Nippon Douga Kyoukai?) is an industry group consisting of 52 affiliate animation production companies.

AJA's Duties[edit]

AJA's scope of duties are to work on various issues concerning the Japanese animation industry, which most members are a part of.

Most of AJA's members are small to medium sized companies, hence the need for AJA to unite together to overcome some of the bigger problems, like infringement of intellectual properties, as rampant piracy and illegal file sharing has risen due to the introduction of P2P networking software.

Besides the aforementioned, AJA also serves to resolve problems, and provide improvements of the general production environment, talents and oversea operations.

AJA is striving everyday to address these problems, even if it is a difficult task.


AJA also organises events to promote the work of their members to the major distributor of licenses of other regions, R1 (US), R3 (SEA), R2 (UK), R4 (Aus) and so on, in bid to promote Japanese animation to the world.

One of their events is the biggest anime (Japanese animation) related event in Japan, the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

Board members[edit]

  • President Takayuki Matsutani (President, Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.)
  • Vice President Takayuki Yoshii (SUNRISE Inc. President
  • Vice President Yuji Nunokawa (PIERROT Co.,Ltd. President)
  • Executive Director Yasuo Yamaguchi (Executive Director,The Association of Japanese Animation)
  • Standing Director Masanori Koga (TMS ENTERTAINMENT,Ltd. President&CEO)
  • Standing Director Hidenori Oyama (TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. Senior Director)
  • Director Setsuo Mounai (EIKEN Co.,Ltd. President
  • Director Ayao Wakana (GALLOP Co.,Ltd. President)
  • Director Junji Fujita (GONZO K.K. President)
  • Director Hideyuki Nagai (NAS, Inc. President and CEO)
  • Director Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Production I.G President & CEO)
  • Director Sankichiro Kusube (SHIN-EI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. President
  • Director Masao Yagi (SHOGAKUKAN PRODUCTION Co.,Ltd. President)
  • Director Hiroshi Hasegawa (STUDIO DEEN Co.,Ltd. President)
  • Director Junichi Nishioka (STUDIO GHIBLI Co.,Ltd. PR Division Manager)
  • Director Koki Narushima (TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Co.,Ltd. President and CEO)
  • Auditor Yoshihiro Ueno (BANDAI VISUAL Co.,Ltd. Director Marketing Section)
  • Adviser Hidenori Murata (EIKEN Co.,Ltd. Chairman)
  • Adviser Tsutomu Tomari (TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. Chairman)

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