The Beatnigs (album)

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The Beatnigs
Studio album by The Beatnigs
Released 1988
Recorded 1988
Label Alternative Tentacles Records

The Beatnigs is the eponymous and only album from the San Francisco band The Beatnigs, which combined hard-core punk, industrial and hip hop influences.The band was started by Kevin Carnes, with Michael Franti and Rono Tse as later additions.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and produced by The Beatnigs.

  1. (Welcome) - Television
  2. C.I.A.
  3. (Instructions) - When You Wake Up In The Morning
  4. (The Experience Of All Of Us) - Street Fulla Nigs
  5. (Re-Classification) - Control
  6. Malcolm X
  7. Nature
  8. Burritos
  9. Rooticus Sporaticus
  10. Who Is Doing This Too All My People
  11. Rules

CD 'bonus tracks'[edit]

  • Jazzy Beats
  • Pre-War America
  • Television (Radio Edit)
  • Television (Remix)


The Beatnigs[edit]

  • Henry Flood - congas, timbales, industrial percussion
  • Andre Flores - keyboards, sampling, vocals, industrial percussion
  • Michael Franti - vocals, bass, tape edits, industrial percussion
  • Kevin Carnes- vocals, tape edits, industrial percussion
  • Rono Tse - industrial percussion, circular saw, siren electric buzzer, tire rim, chains, whistel, oil drum, shakers, tambourines


  • Robert Collins - piano


  • David Davy D Bryson