The Great Buddy Holly

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The Great Buddy Holly
Compilation album by Buddy Holly
Released 1967
Label Vocalion
Buddy Holly chronology
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For the First Time Anywhere

The Great Buddy Holly is a 1967 compilation album of songs by Buddy Holly released on Vocalion. The songs are all recorded for Decca during three sessions in 1956. It was released in a mono version and in a electronic stereo version. It's a revised version of That'll The Day (DL 8707), with the songs in the same running order, but with "Ting-A-Ling" missing. The Great Buddy Holly was later re-issued by MCA.


  1. You Are My Desire
  2. Blue Days-Black Nights
  3. Modern Don Juan
  4. Rock Around with Ollie Vee
  5. Girl on My Mind
  6. That'll Be the Day
  7. Love Me
  8. I'm Changing All Those Changes
  9. Don't Come Back Knockin'
  10. Midnight Shift