The Puppy's Further Adventures

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The Puppy's Further Adventures
Starring Billy Jayne
Byran Scott
Nancy McKeon
Michael Bell
Peter Cullen
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original run 22 November 1983 – 6 March 1984

The Puppy’s Further Adventures is an animated television show produced by Ruby-Spears Productions based on The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy, a children's book by Jane Thayer about Petey, a young dog who attached himself to a lonely orphan boy named Tommy.

Production background[edit]

On 6 May 1978, the ABC Weekend Special aired an adaptation of the book, and over the next four years, The Puppy and its three sequels, which used various actors’ voices for Petey the puppy, were repeatedly shown on the Weekend Special.

In 1982, Petey could be seen weekly as the second half of The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour, with Billy Jacoby voicing Petey and Nancy McKeon as his female puppy friend Dolly. The following year, the show played solo as The Puppy’s Further Adventures. Reruns of the show were shown on ABC and later CBS as The Puppy's Great Adventures.

Seasonal overview[edit]

Season 1[edit]

In the first season, Petey the Bull Terrier mix puppy and Dolly the Cockapoo's family were moving overseas by ship. Strays Dash the Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier mix, Duke the chocolate Labrador Retriever and Lucky the Newfoundland/St Bernard mix stowed away on the same ship. All five dogs were stranded together when a lightning bolt knocked them overboard. Every episode of the first season consisted of the dogs looking for Tommy and his family, winding up in places as diverse as East Berlin, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, and usually helping out a local group of people or animals.

Season 1 (Episode guide)

  1. Puppy's big mission
  2. Puppy and the big race
  3. Puppy in Hawaii
  4. Puppy and the pirates
  5. Puppy's big escape
  6. Puppy goes to Africa
  7. Puppy goes to paris
  8. Puppy and the wailing cat
  9. Puppy meets Glyder

Season 2[edit]

The second season opened with a two-part episode in which the dogs finally reunited with Tommy's family. The rest of the season featured the adventures the dogs have with the family while travelling all around the United States. The season opener introduced Glyder, a puppy with ears so large he could fly with them like Dumbo. Glyder reappeared in two other episodes.

(Episode guide)

  1. Puppy and the brown eyed girl
  2. Puppy and the world's biggest diamond
  3. Puppy and the badlands
  4. Glyder the misfit pup
  5. Puppy goes to collage

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