To the Nines (novel)

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To the Nines
JanetEvanovich ToTheNines.jpg
First edition cover
Author Janet Evanovich
Country United States
Language English
Series Stephanie Plum
Genre Crime novel
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Publication date
July 15, 2003
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 320 pp (first edition, hardback)
ISBN ISBN 0-312-26586-7 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC 51766254
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3555.V2126 T6 2003b
Preceded by Hard Eight
Followed by Ten Big Ones

To the Nines is the ninth novel by Janet Evanovich featuring the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Written in 2003, it's the second book in a row that doesn't revolve around a criminal bond, and the first to take Stephanie out of New Jersey and into the neon glitz of Las Vegas.

To the Nines appeared on the USA Today list of 150 best-selling novels for 17 weeks, peaking at number 2.[1]

Plot introduction[edit]

Stephanie Plum, bounty-hunter. She's got all the normal concerns in life: the rent, her family, men; yet all of her concerns are topped by the minor fact that someone is usually trying to kill her.

Explanation of the Novel's Title[edit]

The title appears to come from the common phrase, 'dressed to the nines'.

First Line[edit]

"My name is Stephanie Plum and I was born and raised in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, where the top male activities are scarfing pastries and pork rinds and growing love handles."[2]

Stephanie is a bounty hunter and amateur detective, who with a combination of luck and intuition usually gets the job done (though often by accident). Samuel Singh, an immigrant in New Jersey on a work visa, has been released on a visa bond by Stephanie's cousin and boss, Vinnie. When Singh goes missing, Vinnie is on the hook for the highly publicized bond. Stephanie goes on the hunt to find him.

She starts with TriBro, Singh's workplace, owned by three brothers, Andrew, Bart and Clyde Cone. While Andrew is helpful and Clyde is very enthusiastic about the case, Bart Cone gives Stephanie the creeps. In some background checks it turns up that Bart Cone was a suspect in the murder of Lillian Paressi, which only goes to further her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has been getting some unwanted attention in the form of white carnations, red roses and some rather creepy emails. She only gets more nervous when a number of deaths that have some tentative connections to the Paressi murder also have the flowers present.

Before long, a tip-off leads Stephanie, along with her side-kick Lula and Connie Rossoli, out of the Burg and onto the glitzy streets of Las Vegas. The discovery of Singh's body at the airport and a series of unfortunate encounters with several of Ranger's operatives sends her back to Trenton, where Plum finally gets the answers she's been seeking.

After an intense final showdown with the Roses and Carnations killer, Stephanie saves the day yet again.

Stephanie's new niece, her older sister Valerie's daughter with Albert Kloughn, is born. She is named Lisa.

Characters in "To the Nines"[edit]

  • Stephanie Plum – detective and protagonist
  • Lula – Stephanie`s partner who is on the Atkins diet
  • Vinnie – Plum's cousin and boss
  • Samuel Singh – a bondee who is on the run
  • Andrew, Bart and Clyde Cone – Brothers, owners of TriBro, Singh's workplace
  • Mrs Apusenja – Singh's landlord
  • Nonnie Apusenja – Daughter of Mrs Apusenja and engaged to Singh

Car Death[edit]


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