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Tsherim Soobzokov (24 August 1924[citation needed] – 6 September 1985[1]) was a Circassian man accused of collaborating with the Nazis during the invasion of the USSR and serving as a Waffen-SS officer. Soobzokov denied these charges and sued CBS and the New York Times. He was notably supported by Pat Buchanan[2] and Congressman Robert Roe.

In 2006, declassified documents of the Central Intelligence Agency confirmed that Soobzokov had been a CIA agent in Jordan and that the agency had misled the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service on Soobzokov's Nazi past.[3] This was part of a wider post-World War II program of the CIA's of collaborating with former Nazis living in hiding.[4] Historian Richard Breitman concluded based on these documents[1] that Soobzokov had indeed strong ties to the SS and that he had admitted to the CIA his participation in an execution commando searching for Jews and Komsomol members.[1][5]

On 15 August 1985, a pipe bomb set outside his home in Paterson, New Jersey critically injured Soobzokov.[6][7] He died of his wounds in the hospital on 9 September 1985.[8] An anonymous caller claiming to represent the Jewish Defense League (JDL) said they had carried out the bombing. A spokesman for the JDL later denied responsibility.[9]

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