Union of Reform Forces

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Union of Reform Forces
Савез реформских снага
Savez reformskih snaga
Leader Ante Marković
Founded 1990
Dissolved 1991
Split from League of Communists
Succeeded by Various parties
Ideology Yugoslavism,
Social liberalism,
Political position Centre-left
Politics of Yugoslavia
Political parties

The Union of Reform Forces (Serbo-Croatian: Savez reformskih snaga Jugoslavije) is a former political party in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, led by Ante Marković.

The party was short-lived and fairly unsuccessful, but it later served as a basis for liberal parties in Serbia (the Reformist Party, later Civic Alliance of Serbia and Reformists of Vojvodina) and in the Republic of Macedonia (the Reformist Forces of Macedonia-Liberal Party, later the Liberal Party of Macedonia).

In Montenegro it was the main opposition to the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, as a coalition formed from the Liberal Alliance of Montenegro, Socialist Party of Montenegro, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, Independent Organization of Communists of Bar and Party of National Equality. It won 17 seats.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

In Slovenia, it was organized under the name Social Democratic Union (Socialdemokratska unija, SDU), but it failed to gain any significant weight in the political spectrum, remaining a small extra-parliamentary party.