United States men's national Australian rules football team

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United States
USA Revolution Logo, 2011
Union United States Australian Football League
Nickname(s) USA Revolution
Coach(es) Matt Bishop
Captain(s) Dan Sarbacker
First international
United States United States 75 – 55Canada Canada
Largest win
Finished 4th at the 2011 AFL International Cup

The United States national Australian rules football team, nicknamed the Revolution represents the United States of America in the sport of Australian rules football.

Revolution players are selected from the best United States-born players from US Footy clubs and teams across the country.

The Revolution are named after the American Revolution (an event which gave the country separation from the British Empire) and wear the colors of the American flag.

The team plays in international tournaments, including the Australian Football International Cup, as well as exhibition matches against other countries. The American national team has participated in every International Cup since its inception in 2002.

Australian football legend Paul Roos coached the national side's inaugural game in 1999 at Chicago (Naperville, 8/1/99) to victory over CanadaUSA 10:15(75) CAN 8:12(60) before returning to Australia be appointed as coach of the Australian Football League side the Sydney Swans.

The Revolution are big improvers in International Australian Football, finishing 3rd behind New Zealand and Papua New Guinea in the 2005 International Cup.

The Revolution's best and fairest player (from the 2005 International Cup) is Donnie Lucero.

Under 2006 head coach Tom Ellis, the Revolution lost in a lopsided score to the ex-patriate team (the All-comers) in a January 2006 match played as a curtain raiser to the AFL exhibition match held at UCLA.

On November 2, 2006, it was announced that Australian Trevor Lovitt would be the new Revolution head coach. Lovitt has served as an Assistant Coach (1998-2001) with the Noble Park Football Club (a premier division Eastern Football League club) which won the premiership twice, and twice finished runner-up. From 2002-2003, Trevor served as the Head Coach of Mulgrave Football Club’s (division 2 Eastern Football League) senior team which finished 3rd in 2002 and 2nd in 2003. From 2003-2005 he was an assistant with Frankston Football Club in the Victorian Football League. He also served as a recruiting officer for Port Adelaide Football Club from 2004-2005.

Prior to the International Cup, Trevor Lovitt stepped down as coach due to personal reasons. New York Magpies coach Robert Oliver was appointed coach of the Revolution and guided the team to Melbourne.

International Competition[edit]

International Cup[edit]

2008 IC Squad[edit]

  • Jay Levesque, Baltimore/Washington Eagles
  • R.J. Wheelock, Baltimore/Washington Eagles
  • Mickey Kleinhenz, Baton Rouge Tigers
  • George Lakomy, Boston Demons
  • Andy Vanica, Boston Demons
  • Chris Candelaria, Denver Bulldogs
  • Michael LeValley, Denver Bulldogs
  • Robert Strange, Denver Bulldogs
  • Dustin Jones, Florida Redbacks
  • Andrew Lamont, Golden Gate Kangaroos
  • Marty Curry, Las Vegas Gamblers
  • Rob Lutostanski, Las Vegas Gamblers
  • Bruce Beilfuss, Milwaukee Bombers
  • James Brunmeier, Milwaukee Bombers
  • Jared Brunmeier, Milwaukee Bombers
  • Mike Busse, Minnesota Freeze
  • Danny Hansen, Minnesota Freeze
  • Ryan Marx, Minnesota Freeze
  • Zachary Weaver, Minnesota Freeze
  • Luke Nemeth, Nashville Kangaroos
  • Jeff Persson, Nashville Kangaroos
  • Dee Vsetecka, Nashville Kangaroos
  • David Walker, Nashville Kangaroos
  • Paul Duncan, North Carolina Tigers
  • Andy Lindsey, Orange County Bombers
  • Kelly Nelson, Orange County Bombers
  • Kurth Nelson, Orange County Bombers
  • Jon Loring*, Philadelphia Hawks
  • Patrick Miller, Philadelphia Hawks
  • Brandon Blankenship, San Diego Lions
  • J.J. Cisneros, San Diego Lions
  • Donnie Lucero, San Diego Lions
  • Brett Ullman, San Diego Lions
  • Justin Valley, San Diego Lions
  • Dan Sarbacker, St. Louis Blues
  • Dan Sergot, St. Louis Blues


2005 IC Squad[edit]

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