New York Magpies

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New York Magpies
New York Magpies logo.png
Full name New York Magpies Australian Rules Football Club
Club details
Founded 1998
Colours      Black      White
Competition United States Australian Football League
Premierships USAFL (2): 2010, 2014
Ground(s) Van Cortlandt Park
Other information
Official website
Guernsey: New York Magpies Guernsey.png

The New York Magpies is an United States Australian Football League team, based in New York City, United States. It was founded in 1998 by an American, Erik Kallhovd. They play in the Eastern Australian Football League.[1] The New York team became known as the Magpies, when American expatriate and then club historian of the Collingwood Football Club, Richard Stremski, furnished the fledgling club with footballs and guernseys and have been an affiliate of Collingwood ever since. The club also has a connection with the Port Adelaide Magpies in the SANFL where some New York players have enjoyed scholarships to play with the club.[2] The New York Magpies won the Men's Division 1 USAFL National Championships Grand Final in 2010 and 2014.

Lady Pies[edit]

The Magpies woman's team, known as the Lady Pies, was founded in 2008 and has played a large role in continuing the expansion of women’s footy across the United States.


As part of the club's fundraising efforts, the Magpies host three major events each year in New York City. These events celebrate Australia Day, ANZAC Day and the AFL Grand Final. Hundreds of people attend the club's events each year which have become major dates on the calendar for Australians living in New York City.


The New York Magpies play their home games at Van Cortlandt Park

Honor Roll[edit]

Honor Roll
Year Position
USAFL Nationals
Coach Captain Best & Fairest
Best & Fairest
Leading goalkicker
Leading goalkicker
1999 Dave Wake
2000 Shane Smith
2001 Shane Smith
2002 James Paterson Guy Luminato
2003 Andrew Bridges Peter Gurry
2004 2 (Runners Up) Kym Laube
Andrew Bridges
Kym Laube
2005 Anthony Randell Kym Laube
2006 Andrew Bridges Matthew Kimbell
2007 Luke North Shane Batty
2008 Jordan McIntyre
Joel Daniher
Monica Robbins Shane Batty
2009 Joel Daniher Andrea Casillas
Monica Robbins
James Hawkins Kim Hemenway
2010 1 (Premiers) Andy Brennan Jane Moore Andy Brennan
2011 Jack Taylor Christina Licata Andy Brennan
2012 2 Alex Kwiatkowski Andrea Casillas Sam Mitchell
2013 3 Nigel Lee Andrea Casillas James Grierson Renee Coff
2014 1 (Premiers) Marcus Jankie Melissa Fudor Todd Smith Janet Beyersdorf


The New York Magpies awards a number of awards each year at its annual End of Season Awards dinner. These include Men's Most Valuable Player, Men's Most Valuable Player (American), Lady's Most Valuable Player, Nationals Most Valuable Player, Nationals Most Valuable Player, Nationals Most Valuable Player – Lady Pies, Rookie of the Year, Golden Boot, Goal of the Year, Coaches Award and the Rob Oliver Medal for Best on Ground in the ANZAC Plate game against Boston.

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